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bumping because it's getting warm (i.e. t-shirt weather)
mauro it's starting to warm up, need them vneck and scoop/u neck short sleeve tees please
was always sad about missing persian/prussian blue, glad to see I might get another shot
looks like they changed the name of the colors for the pocket sweaters...? (also faded black is still broken ) edit: wtf someone already kopped the xs indigo floral shirt? dammit dammit
ready for white and ocean air BD's!
long cardi w/ ribbed sleeves, FW12 (wish I had the body type to wear this stuff, i'm too dang short )
holding out for the scoop/u necks
that HL coat is gorgeous, too bad all those pieces are cut so big. i can never fit them
Suede harrington is a want. Persian blue, dark grey, black, navy, or dark green.
New Posts  All Forums: