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Interesting little piece from KTC, the producer of Li's technical outerwear pieces:http://www.ktcquality.com/manufaktur/yang-li
this is possibly the coolest piece that i've ever seen. @SuspensionPoint i take it you guys are no longer carrying ffixxed?
+1black or charcoal please no fruity colors
speaking of which, was there any update on an ETA for tees? thought they were supposed to drop last week...
Does this mean CWU is available in suede just like the MA-1?
older coppens pieces were the best, luxurious materials with distinct sportswear influences. wish he still used that soccer ball stitch detail...
the man himself (ft. hand-woven kimono vest from Project #3)
any word on the compact wool fleece jackets this year (material / fit)?
goddammit i think we have a package thief in our building... missing UPS boxes for my OC kops + RAM upgrade going to contact the stores to see what they can do but any tips on this subject?
Aside from the lengths would you say this runs consistent with past seasons? Trying to get a handle on which pieces I can swing a Small in (normally XS in all Ervell aside from pants)...How is the fit of the neck when sizing up? Really wary of the sizing of his shirts from the past couple years or so, after FW13 the torso got really tight with the neck size the same or maybe even bigger...
New Posts  All Forums: