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what is the likelihood of finding a tailor in NYC who can shorten a thick wool parka while keeping (or replicating/recreating, probably) this back hem detail? anyone got a killer tailor who could do something like that?
anyone pick up the varsity/bomber yet? navy wool version looks so sick but sizing seems like it could be hit or miss
got any go-to brands, jet?
I've got plenty pocket sweaters, don't worry. Design is great but I like the WVG cashmere more than baby alpaca actually. I've put my OG pine green cashmere through hell and it's still in great shape, stretched a little but pretty much no pilling.I didn't get a knit last winter because I swore off raglan for sweaters but if we have 'normal' sleeves & new weaves count me in.
Basket weave and 2x2 are both killer. If you make them into crewneck sweaters in charcoal/anthracite/black you know who to call Still waiting on you to raise and beef up that collar though. Patrik Ervell has had this down for years on his sweaters and I love the visual effect it has:
sz48 1999 5-zip w/ MRS zips ~gotta find it now, removed per request~
some really nice YYPH wool-mohair cardigans for the bigger dudes: http://page10.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/m119221917 http://page5.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/e145034035
love the changes, mauro. picking up the charcoal when it drops same sizing as last year's batch?
anyone know whether these guidis are 994's or 017's? listing has no outsole measurement and apparently it affects the sizing quite a bit (994 being snug/normal Guidi sizing, 017 being TTS)
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