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checks a lot of boxes for what I'm looking for (black, short length, cotton outer, single breasted, collar detail) but not sure on sizing. seller measurements look like TTS (tagged XS) but have read some things online that it fits slim? anyone try this one on before?
how's the fit (on the non-band collar)? looks like a lot of webstores have their models wearing the shirt sized up 1?EDIT: actually while we're on the topic anyone else try the other shirts (buttondown, standard) this season? Might just be me but feel like shirt cuts got slimmer and slimmer in recent past seasons, which stinks because I have shirts from 2011/2012 that fit perfect...
had the exact same thought as the leather track jacket, just please no white zipper tape...
paging @diniro and @g transistor for a buy-in for a visvim-a-like using that black roughout or one of the black calfs
...but I'm an XS
You have no idea how simultaneously sad and relieved I am that your rug jacket isn't a Small.
MOTHER OF GOD http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tim-Coppens-Persian-Farahan-Rug-Jacket-S-S-2012-ICONIC-PIECE-ONE-OFF-/171826362395?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item2801a6381b
Share a lot of these thoughts, too bad it's practically impossible to get anyone in the viberg Group MTO thread to vote on a model that isn't #r/malefashionadvice...Still waiting for a model in the vein of the Virgils or 73's.
y e s
that last boiled wool looks good. quilted and wool/viscose could be cool too
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