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This is the correct answer. Why all you Viberg fellas into the dozens of permutations of brown but ignore black roughout?!
+1 for the technical knit. I got the navy tech knit bomber in today and it's really nice. Oddly enough I kinda like the branded patch which I was 100% keen on removing up until now...(although, the webstore claimed 53% wool/43% polyurethane/4% acrylic and my tag says 57% acrylic 43% nylon... wut)
if i recall most of the XS outerwear sold out by around 30% off, weird they wouldn't produce them this season. oh well..
bombers look cool, but no XS? hopefully another shop's got me covered....
eagerly waiting to see what ToC and SP picked out this time around
anyone hear anything about the sample sale this year?
men's was in the turquoise/teal
whoever kopped this, if this doesn't work for you hit me up
guess i'm now competing with @Watashidake for the title of "Jan-Jan Happy Victim" Parka #2 (PU-coated lightweight cotton) + Tee #26 (black wool jersey) + Trousers #21 (black felt wool jersey) + linen-yak cardigan preorder (no vis)
gonna just leave this here
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