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late to the party but just checked out the webstore. melange blazer is money. EDIT: webstore got back to me with measurements and.... measurements seem quite roomy. @snowmanxl buy it first and let us know how it fits
that's the one. hopefully it'll be out in black. thanks brad!
anyone know when the next round of stuff (if there is one) will hit stores? attachment store has a cropped version of the soutien coat but I'm keeping fingers crossed that the long version makes a reappearance. was always bummed about sleeping on last year's...
Wow I totally missed the boat on the sweaters being in the sale... this is what happens when I disappear from SF for a while. If anyone has a charcoal cashmere or marled sweater in XS that doesn't work for them hit me up
anyone get a chance to kop the cotton/silk suit jacket or pants? still a little pricier than i'd like and would like to get some reviews/feedback if possible
Tim Coppens men's Hybrid Varsity Track Jacket from S/S 12 collection in sand (size Small). This jacket features a slightly fitted silhouette, a jersey, ribbed high round collar, hem and cuffs in grey. Fastens with five silver press studs and features two diagonal silver metal zip pockets. Features multi-fabric panels, two white leather panels across the shoulders, a sand coloured jersey fabric across the main body and light brown sleeves. Outer 82% cotton, 15%...
oh fuck... they have one of my grails (but in the wrong size... go figure)
(full suit)
has anyone tried on the unstructured blazer/suit this year? same fit as last S/S season's?
anyone know if/when Matches will release its first code/drop?
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