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pretty sure that's the owner of grailed...
now that sample sale is over, when the heck are shops going to get some goodies in!?
kopped a grail shirt off ebay but it's got some of those yellowish stains in a few (white) spots. anyone have a good way of getting rid of these?
have a feeling neither will never happen but figure I'll give it a shot. modeled after these KVA boots which for some reason I've never been able to find: Model: Boondocker or Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: Black Matte calfskin tongue(tongue): Black Matte calfskin Eyelets: 6 (3 for chukka), blind eyelets Sole: black wedge/creeper sole Comments: inner side black side zip (1/ea boot)
good shop. styling can be a little whack sometimes but same goes for all places really. not sure if this would affect you but they really shot themselves in the foot a few years back with an 80% off sale and now for some reason people expect that as the norm from them.
producing some of those knitwears in XS I hope?
Still waiting for scoopnecks since the summer. Is this project canned?
late to the party but just checked out the webstore. melange blazer is money. EDIT: webstore got back to me with measurements and.... measurements seem quite roomy. @snowmanxl buy it first and let us know how it fits
that's the one. hopefully it'll be out in black. thanks brad!
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