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@MaiLam @conceptual 4est what's the sizing like on Niche jeans? size up one (US30 --> sz M)?
That is quite a handsome coat! Wish there was an XS still available in the webstore looks like the black moleskin one got swiped as well.
Does anyone know the model name of this piece, by any chance? Coat is allegedly from FW14 but don't think I've ever seen this one before...
Any active proxies based in EU/UK that can ship to US?
Interesting little piece from KTC, the producer of Li's technical outerwear pieces:http://www.ktcquality.com/manufaktur/yang-li
this is possibly the coolest piece that i've ever seen. @SuspensionPoint i take it you guys are no longer carrying ffixxed?
+1black or charcoal please no fruity colors
speaking of which, was there any update on an ETA for tees? thought they were supposed to drop last week...
Does this mean CWU is available in suede just like the MA-1?
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