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pretty sure that's the owner of grailed...
now that sample sale is over, when the heck are shops going to get some goodies in!?
kopped a grail shirt off ebay but it's got some of those yellowish stains in a few (white) spots. anyone have a good way of getting rid of these?
have a feeling neither will never happen but figure I'll give it a shot. modeled after these KVA boots which for some reason I've never been able to find: Model: Boondocker or Service Boot Last: 110 Leather: Black Matte calfskin tongue(tongue): Black Matte calfskin Eyelets: 6 (3 for chukka), blind eyelets Sole: black wedge/creeper sole Comments: inner side black side zip (1/ea boot)
good shop. styling can be a little whack sometimes but same goes for all places really. not sure if this would affect you but they really shot themselves in the foot a few years back with an 80% off sale and now for some reason people expect that as the norm from them.
producing some of those knitwears in XS I hope?
Still waiting for scoopnecks since the summer. Is this project canned?
late to the party but just checked out the webstore. melange blazer is money. EDIT: webstore got back to me with measurements and.... measurements seem quite roomy. @snowmanxl buy it first and let us know how it fits
that's the one. hopefully it'll be out in black. thanks brad!
anyone know when the next round of stuff (if there is one) will hit stores? attachment store has a cropped version of the soutien coat but I'm keeping fingers crossed that the long version makes a reappearance. was always bummed about sleeping on last year's...
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