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that jacket is going to look killer. hope you make it in some attractive shade of blue or grey/black
you guys are nuts... tight linen is the worst. i wear xs usually and sized s in linen shirt because 1) summer = breezy and 2) if it shrinks i don't want to be left with a linen straightjacket.
still want u-necks
what's up with the jogger pant / elasticized hem trend? a lot of labels are putting out pants with this shit and it drives me nuts. i am down with drawstring waistbands but this is taking the whole runner-chic thing a little too far
anyone wash their linen shirts yet? any crazy levels of shrinkage?
So I've been giving my tester sneakers the "house slippers" treatment and thought I'd give my thoughts so far. Since Common Projects seems to be a good benchmark I'll use them as my major comparable. Uppers: The hand of the suede is more or less on par with my CP chukkas - luxe feel while robust enough to be worn for a good deal of time. I got the olive suede which has this really nice deep, rich shade that I fear won't really come across well in photographs. Pairs well...
Granted I'm not a 'fun socks' guy but I wore these the other day (with boots) and they're really comfy and very soft. Shot you an email too, whenever you get a chance to check it out
Can confirm, the soles are the same as CP, Balenciaga, Raf Simons, etc. Literally just did a side-by-side with a pair of CP chukkas I have on hand.Going to hold off on any other comments until I've put my test pair through the ringer but I will say that the sneaks are very nice as far as materials and construction goes.
black boiled wool sounds interesting
This is the correct answer. Why all you Viberg fellas into the dozens of permutations of brown but ignore black roughout?!
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