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Has anyone had any luck replacing the zipper on their pair of '73s? Lately the zip's been getting stuck on the left boot and the teeth separating on the right. Thinking it should be a straightforward visit to a cobbler (or tailor? since it's attached to the fabric part?) but wanted to double-check in case there were any hurdles that I'm missing
from FW14. did anyone get to try these on when they were in stores? seller claiming it's good for 8-8.5 (tagged sz40) but Yoox claims that it fits small...
some pics available from Lantiki (JP)
+1 on the speckled wool/linen. have that one kimono jacket from collection #4 and the fabric is unreal. seriously considering getting that trucker jacket now though i will admit the price on it is quite dear... blazer would have been in the running if it weren't for those jet pockets.that coated cotton 'chintz' fabric is great too. totally waterproof but drapes like fine cotton.
TTS, that wool is something else and you don't want it too tight. relaxed shoulder cut.
That bomber runs small if I recall
Circle pulls drive me nuts too, just looks out of place.. If they were ball-and-chain or tab zips I would have kopped ages ago
Leathers are really nice but the grosgrain pulls ruin it for me :/
Dropped the ball and missed out on this shirt in XS, hope NWMA carrries it
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