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jil SS11 gallery flower bag for yo girl: http://page18.auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/auction/w115433063
any vintage raf experts around? trying to figure out whether this jacket is legit... it looks like the detachable zip sleeve bomber from FW01 but the label is marked as SS02 (and I don't really recall raf ever doing 1-for-1 reissues of any pieces, ever): [[SPOILER]]
awkward, it is it's okay, i decided to pass on it. been feeling oversized outerwear lately but based on the runway pic this thing is really pushing it. plus i'm not uber tall so the last thing i need is to feel like i'm being swallowed up by a giant winter parka.art, go for it..?
wouldn't fit you... yeah I'm using the pic from that listing because the one I'm looking at has really crappy pics, 100% sure it's the make though (cotton outer, silver fox fur hood).I have no idea what I'm getting into though, never handled or tried on Cloak pieces before. All I know is that they fit sorta slim and even then this one seems like an oversized fit.
cloak fw06 fishtail? measurements indicated an oversized fit but I can't seem to find a fit pic anywhere... or any other info on it period
anyone know if the peir wu webstore ever goes on sale?
Wonder why it got removed. Dude's nice, kopped a couple things from him including the runway sample air jacket in M and even as a normal XS it looks pretty good in a cozy way (just need to get the sleeve cuff buttons moved).
Neighbour has it listed at 11.5".
No worries man I dress way different than like 90% of your customer base anyway so you're probably better off not listening to me.Until then... still eagerly awaiting knits and tees.
Wow those mockups actually look pretty good... digging the leather chukka-sneaker (#2). Black sole + black suede would look sick too. Would totally do #3 if it came in a black uppers w/ white sole (and no branding...), been looking for a runner with that shape for a while.
New Posts  All Forums: