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Where are you seeing this? Don't see any mention on their social media feeds...was it email only?
Probably the best jumpsuit he's done - the nepped silk is really nice.Thought this past season was one of, if not the, strongest collections to date. Project#5 is looking great as well.Personally not a huge fan of canvas sneakers so looking to pick up a pair of black nubuck/suede mid-top sneakers myself... Adieu had one that looked good but quite overpriced. I'd imagine Ann D sneakers would work as well.
When can we expect the coat(s) to be available? Would be interested in getting updates on developments as my size tends to sell out very quickly...
On the "Chronos" coat, will the addition of the ribbed cuffs mean that the sleeve can no longer be easily shortened? Or would a tailor be able to remove the cuff and reattach to the shortened sleeve?
Has anyone ever seen these boots before? Seller is claiming the Guidi model number is 9951p which I can't find any information about...
Fabric is really nice. Wool flannel with a nice weight and soft hand - warm and cozy. I have the black and it looks closer to a dark charcoal/anthracite to me.
some good stuff that's too big for me: jil fw08 hooded jacket, sz54 jil fw09 double breasted coat, sz48
All I want is for him to bring back the old shirting pattern
i picked up the boro version from atelier solarshop - the padded elephant cotton and the straps (handmade from fabric scraps) are just so nice.
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