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YES!Although I think Mike said Cognac was tight for the rest of 2012.I vote Black Calf with classic Dainite or Burgundy Shell with York Dainite but I'm not completely opposed to other materials, I'd just prefer something dark. Balmoral all the way, flat welt... speed hooks or all eyelets?
+1 I missed out on all the other bal boots, I'd definitely be in for this.I like the idea of keeping it slightly on the dressier side while still useful as a foul weather boot /w the danite sole.
I can't wait to see what's next after the Jodhpur's. I'm kicking myself for not browsing SW&D more often, those bal boots are both stunning.
You're a day late abidj, I snagged these yesterday.
Damn that is one fine looking pair of boots, if only they were larger GLWS!
Random fit pics, got my first piece of SNS today. Maroon Stark, size M. For reference I'm 6'3", 41 chest,190lb. I like the fit and color, have to see how much it stretches. I'm definitely going to pick up a neutral(probably black melange) at some point.
Up for grabs is an Oatmeal Naked & Famous crewneck. Purchased from Four Horsemen shop in October 2011, I've only worn this thing twice since it arrived, I tried to like it in an anti-fit sort of way but it's simply too short for me. No rips, tears, stains discolorations etc... in excellent shape. Size S fits more like M. Always stored flat. Measurements: Shoulder to Shoulder - 19 Pit to Pit - 22 BOC down back - 22.5 Shoulder to cuff - 23.5 Let me know if you have any...
I purchased this pea coat from the Four Horsemen shop in January 2011, it's been worn approximately half a dozen times and is still in fantastic condition. My reason for selling is that it's a little bit too short for me (I'm 6'3") and so it hasn't been getting much use. Size is marked as an L but fits like an M. Measurements: Shoulder to Shoulder - 18 Pit to Pit - 21 BOC down back - 25.5 Shoulder to cuff - 25.5 Price is $60 Shipped within North America If you have any...
Hey, #2 and #4 are both marked Dark Gray but #4 looks more like Indigo. Can you verify the color? If #4 is indigo I'll snag 1 of the dark gray and one of the dark indigo in slim 34's. Let me know.
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