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Duluth Pack make some nice quality bags and shouldn't be too far out of your price range. They have a few different options for mid size duffels in the $150-250 depending on the shape and material that you want. There's even one with a shoe/boot compartment if you fell for that feature. All of their bags have lifetime guarentees.
LOL Touché good sir!Although that would end up being twice as expensive and take all the fun out of doing an MTO project!
Yeah I think most of us agree, we'll wait for spring on those to get exactly what we want.
Try the googles?They're not the wholecut but here's some pictures of Carmina's Caramel
If you're an 8 1/2 or 10UK in the rain last Carmina's webshop has a couple navy shell wholcuts left.
^ gsugsu is correct, they're Saint Crispin's, I just yanked the pics from the Balmoral Boot P0rn Thread. The shape would probably be similar if we did it on an almond toe shaped last like the Alcudia, if that's even a possible makeup, and I think all the balmoral boots made so far in this thread have been slightly taller (10 eye vs the 8 on the Crispin's).
That was me, thanks for posting a pic NAMOR, the Carmina is definitely visibly thinner.
^ Indeed, I'm also interested if we're going to go ahead with this, like the below boot but in black and /w speedhooks
By Adelaide I assume you mean the Alcudia last?I'll have to look into sizing on those a bit more, if I recall correctly those are both narrow lasts? I'm usually on the slightly wider side of normal, not extreme mind you, but enough to make it so I would have to adjust sizing for narrower lasts.
Ahh, I didn't realize the York was thicker, I remember earlier in the thread Namor commented on how pleasantly thin the dainite was but he was likely talking about the classics. As long as we keep the material dark I don't have an issue with the classic dainite.So...Style: Austerity Brogue Balmoral BootSole: Classic DainiteWelt: FlatLacing: Eyelets then speed hooks at topLast:?Leather: All one or Mixed Media?
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