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I recognize the measurement template he posted and the exact same problem with the base pattern at the yoke/neck that you have just mentioned, It's definitely Modern Tailor. For this reason as well as their arm design I'm going to be trying a different maker for my own MTM shirts in the future.You're not kidding about the sloping shoulders from computer use, it's going to be an epidemic with the next generation I bet. I too had this problem a couple years back but have...
This has been what I've done in recent years, got a pair of the LL.Bean Khatadin Iron workers, give them a good wipe down and apply some Obenaufs Heavy Duty LP at the start and once in the middle of the season when they get really salty and a little beat up. Change into my nice shoes once I get to the office. They're on their fourth year and still going strong, with warm socks they're fine to -20 C or so for reasonable periods of time outside, but if it's colder or...
The Soller last is the only NST boot that Carmina has as standard on their site, that doesn't mean it can't possibly be another last because they can and do put one model on a different last such as these 732's typically on the forest, seen here on the Simpson. That said I think most of the reason those look 'sleeker' is because of the leather used and the sole/welt choice. The pictures of the 10016 on Carminas website are of brown suede with a crepe sole and storm welt,...
They were Forest last so wide shouldn't be a problem I wouldn't thinkThat's 3 of us!
Those black scotch grains turned out ILL. Another run anyone?
They have the 10078 on the Simpsonor a two eyelet on the rain last model 907Nothing in black RTW so you'd have to go MTO, they have one in brown suede at the moment on their webshop, I'm pretty sure that's all though.
If that gets made up I'll probably end up with that same boot in two different mediums.
Interested! Is there any let in the pants through the waist/thigh? Also could you grab a knee and hem measurement? Thanks.
It's hard to say for sure since you only did straight on shots but it looks like you have a slight stoop. My best guess would be that it's more due to your posture than the actual shirt measurements as the shoulders nor chest look too tight to me, a (slight) forward bend in your shoulders and neck/head would cause the material between chest and neck in the front of the shirt to bunch like that. Can anyone else with a slight stoop pipe in and give him a hand? Also a...
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