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The one on the far right is cognac shell the only difference I believe is that the ones pictured are on the York combo sole. More pictures here.I forget Betty's email, maybe someone else can chime in with that or you can search through the Carmina threads for it or just go to their site.I'm not entirely sure about the fit yet and won't know until the rerun of black scotchgrain show up. Even then I won't be much help as I have reasonably wide feet so took the opportunity...
Thought I'd share, Carmina's web shop just posted a run of their 80092 model, the punched captoe balmoral boot in Cognac shell, looks like they have pretty much every size they make up to UK 12. Only 483 € ex vat, pretty sweet deal,
Suede as one of the options for the Austerity bal boot?1.Ruby2.Black Calf3.Snuff or other Suede option?I THINK Mike mentioned way back that we were looking end of Jan/Feb for that set of reruns.
These three are teh seks!I think you missed saying what last the Bradbury is on though, at least I couldn't find it in the listing's description.
Pimp really is the best way to describe those Pythons. I'm curious what kind of care they'd need.
It's pre-owned and they want 300 clams for it to boot.
Following, looking forward to the rest being up there, it'll be a handy reference to be able to access from a smartphone. Thanks!
Waiting to pounce as soon as you put those remake pre-orders up! Also curious to hear if you got the Austerity sample in the mail this week as you expected.
"My next shipment of Carmina will be dispatched in about a week... And, I'm hoping that we'll get our sample of the long-awaited Austerity Brogue Balmoral Boot too with that next shipment. Will let you know!"
"We had this made on a Dainite sole. Mr. Albaladejo, the patriarch of the family, did however point out to us “not really Dainite, this better than Dainite”. I hope he don’t mind us calling it a Dainite though."
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