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The differentiation in color temperature and loss of detail in the shadows in Spoo's pics aren't doing him any favors, makes the look feel inconsistent, all things being equal I'd still have to go for MoL. Spoo's outfit is too loud for my tastes, Malford manages to use a lot of different color and texture in a subtle way without being boring. Oh, and I like his wallpaper too
Those 100+ year old black calf/loden suede button closure mid boots that belonged to Jose's grandfather are badass.
The Tissot you linked is a fairly common look, based on the styling of marine chronometer's, search for 'Marine' models. My favourite in that style would probably be the Stowa Marine but a lot of watchmakers make similar models. You might need to do some searching to find one in your price range but here's some starting...
Sizzle made a good point about the one horsehair brush just for brushing off dirt. In this way the inevitable dust, dirt, grime, and salt doesn't make its way back onto the shoe during the shining process. One other thing I'll note is that these suggestions are all based on standard calf leathers because it sounds like all three pairs you bought are that type of leather. For shell and grained leather I will usually only use Saphire Renovateur(some use Venetian cream...
What Pastor said! It better have happened or else we paid a deposit for nothing, I'm sure Mike wouldn't do that to us.
Holdfast hit the nail on the head. The clothes are undoubtedly well crafted, nice materials, excellent fit, etc... but it's also a really good photo in regards to lighting, pose, and composition, leading lines, reflections, effective use of DOF, and contrast between subject and backdrop to pull focus. The only thing I'm not a huge fan of is the second undone button, although it's hard to argue that when the subject has the confidence of a Boss.
Whole cut and plain cap toe would be perfectly suitable, punched cap toe a little less. I prefer the look of the whole cuts primarily because I think the rain last works better for that style of shoe than the forest.
YES PLEASE I'll be all over that one for sure! Is there any way I could pay the pre-order but hold off on confirming size until the rerun of black scotch grains show up so I can be 100% sure my guestimated sizing was right?
You might want to consider the dainite, it looks SUPER seksy on an all black boot.The final sample looks sweet! I can't decide what makeup I want though... I'm leaning towards Ruby, it looked fantastic on those full brogued cap toes but I can't decide if it would be too striking for such a sleek boot.
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