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Very informative post, best in the thread so far, thank you VERY much Adam!I've been trying to find a decent hat shop locally as suggested but by and large the hat stores around here fall into one of two categories, cheap gaudy and attempting to be 'current'(think mall stores filled with gross micro brimmed trilby's in outlandish colours), or 100% cowboy hats . The latter may sound like a strange thing to find in great quantity in this day and age but one of the largest...
As a 28 year old who has started to lose his hair I'm inclined to start looking and learning about hats. Living in Calgary we get cold winters but also a lot of sun year round so both of the above reasons to wear hats definitely hold weight for me. This thread has started to provide some basics, and the pictures are handy for sure(thanks TTO) but I feel like there's a wealth of hat knowledge that I need to learn before starting to invest and I'm not sure where to...
This just might be the best problem one can have. Personally I'm crossing my fingers that my second pair is on the list.
Ohh really? Still a good deal.I believe it's a minimum of 6
Pretty sure the shoe trees are part of the package but really the question is why wouldn't you want lasted shoe trees at a significant discount for your new MTO shoes? Epaulet normally sells their Carmina calf shoes for $545 so you're getting an MTO + Lasted shoe trees for the same cost as stock model + non-lasted woodlore trees. No brainer IMO.
If you can get them during the good April sale(I think it might end tomorrow 25% off and can usually get an extra 15% off on top with a kicker code, see this thread) Then you can get the RL Marlow wingtips in shell cordovan for ~$500 The Carmina's above are also an awesome shoe though, depends if you're looking for something sleeker or heavier.
These are some of the better general points in this thread aside from the OP, I use all 5 of the points under the spoiler regularly but the most important part IMHO is in the summary, Know your own body! And really this isn't just something that applies to tall skinny folks, it's important to anyone wanting to be well dressed. As anyone can see by looking through this thread even amongst people who all consider themselves "Tall and skinny" there is a large variation in...
Taken a look at Meermin yet?
I thought you were one of the others who put a deposit on the black scotchgrain bal boot remake? I'm keeping my fingers crossed those are in the next shipment.
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