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Single monk would most likely be the Rand,
Not much of a purple fan but this 'Chicago Blue' is an AWESOME color.
Llama typically has more veins in the texture that separates it from pebble/scotch grains, it's also apparently incredibly supple stuff. They just made an ankle boot out of the stuff over in the Epaulet x Carmina MTO thread.
The double monk is the Loden makeup I'm most interested in too.
It's probably mostly just the photos. They appear to have been taken in the shade on a partly cloudy day and are about 2/3'rds of a stop under exposed. I do agree that they appear to have a touch more brown than previous ruby models we've seen in the thread though.
I found myself in a similar situation a few months ago, I still wear the waistcoat as a layering piece but I fear the jacket is destined for the flames. [[SPOILER]]
Wow that really surprises me but I can totally understand why you would use Henry's after such an experience. The time issue really was my only problem with Henry, other than that him and his wife were very pleasant and did good work at reasonable prices. If Gio ever makes a similar large error on one of my orders I'll likely find myself in the same spot.
I've used Henry before but only ever for alterations. The work he did was quite good but I was put off from using his services again because when I went in to pick up the alterations they hadn't been finished yet... Three times in a row for the same alterations. He was super apologetic about the situation and ended up giving me 50% off the cost of the alterations but it was still quite annoying, enough so to keep me away for the last 6 months. It's good to know that he...
Kirby Allison recently started stocking them over at The Hanger Project too:
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