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Hmmm..... 35 % (narrow) to 61% (wide) I believe that's about the same percentage (35%) of U.S. and Russian voters who in 2009 said they would like to see back at the helm Bush and Stalin, respectively. Just something to think about.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson rp is not to blame but yes there is a very small demand for 200. 300 is just ridiculous. its shit wine that tastes like woodchips Breakdown was (if I remember correctly): 12 months new french oak 12 months new american oak 8 months with new oak woodchips So, tasting like woodchips isn't exactly far from the truth. All the grand crus in France and abroad (harlan etc) have been doing 100%...
Thoughts? Felt like I was sucking on a 2 x 4 yesterday trying 300% from Spain. Is there really demand for this? Is RP to blame? Inquiring minds want to know.
Quote: Originally Posted by bringusingoodale Interesting. I kind like to tell people of the stereotypes I harbor of their country, so first: Russians in my mind... Love birch trees because it reminds them of their homeland. Play chess well, or just play chess. Have loud arguments over seemingly trivial things such as the fastest route to a place. Can be very loyal, though it is nearly impossible to get to this point, but once you earn a Russian's...
My advice to you gents is to try pawn shops for cuffbuttons. Most new ones I see are 4 figures and not very aesthetically pleasing. I thought I was in heaven when I saw the selection at numerous London pawnbrokers. Many sell them for near melt value, and I have seen cuffs by some quite remarkable jewelers (at least they were in their day, most have been out of business for decades).
I think it's easier to list the brands that do not annoy me.
Those black vass are great! Uhh....berluti....I has the misfortune of seeing where these were made....The only thing those puppies were missing was the "made in china" label. Upon entering the factory you would believe you were teleported to the glorious people's republic. Blake sewn shoes for over $1200. lol. Allen Edmonds should raise their prices 8 fold on that price-to-quality scale. Vass would be 5K or so? Edit: hey fritzl, long time no wienerschnitzel!
Quote: Originally Posted by radicaldog Here they are: Any recent opinions regarding quality? And does anyone know who makes those, or something of that kind? I'm in Europe and it seems silly to order a Scottish sweater from the US. Thanks in advance. Is it silly to order Canadian Whiskey as well? Because that sweater is best worn while drinking some.
Also, Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year to everyone in here!
Quote: Originally Posted by DWFII I suspect that you really haven't though this through. CAD/CAM or hydraulic clickers(either/or) share the same weakness that all mechanized operations designed to work with natural materials share--there's no one at the wheel. All you have to do is read Thornton or even earlier writers (Golding, Swaysland, etc.) who began to set this down at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution to see the trends and the eventual...
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