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Haha - I haven't been around in a few months but thanks for this! I suppose?!
Someone is planning to wear jeans to their own wedding?! Hahahaha, whattt?!
They never have things I need in stock. Bollocks!
So I read through the past few pages of this thread and haven't found an answer. I'm really busy so I hope you don't mind me asking when the biannual sale begins? I read that it begins "right after Father's day" so does it start on Monday? Or the following Friday? Thanks for info!
^This is absolutely true.Unfortunately I bought most of my BB shirts when I was in a business casual (non-suit wearing) environment. The length is to the base of my thumb on all of the shirts. I recently started a new job and now wear a suit every day. The shirts get swallowed up in the suit sleeve so they never show at the cuff. I now need to get shirts that are 1 inch longer in the sleeve to negate this. It sucks but live and learn...
I think brown belts fall into two general categories - light reddish brown and dark brown. I personally think if you're wearing reddish brown shoes then wear the associated belt and vice versa. The exact shade of belt and shoes don't have to match but if you were a reddish brown with a darker brown it clashes.
I don't know that I've ever read a positive post by you. What a dreadful bore you are.
Split toe shoes are some of the most atrocious things produced regardless of the price. They always look cheap.
Perhaps skin tone is an unaddressed factor in the differing preferences between a white linen or cream silk pocket square? I'd assume a white linen pocket square would be less of a draw when worn by someone with fair skin? Also perhaps the same could be said for cream silk and people with more olive colored skin? I like both but perhaps skin tone plays a role in the contrast factor.
In the future I will take note of the heel to ball measurement. I wasn't aware of it. I have a high instep so I think that may be the cause of my fit issues. The ball of my foot is probably a bit closer to my heel than the average person.
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