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I measure a 8.5 - 9 on the Brannock device but I feel most comfortable in Allen Edmonds 7.5EEE. I typically find that most dress shoes have way too much toe space for my liking for the Brannock measurement. The ball of my foot always lands way to far back in the toebox which makes for uncomfortable walking. It's definitely important to actually try shoes on and be honest with yourself in regard to how comfortable they are.
I think I've done this for every items I wear since joining this forum. Oy vey!
For those of us trying to understand textures more - this would be a fail for that reason, correct? The tie and jacket are too similar in texture? This is disregarding the atrocious pocket square..
Why would you wait out for some vague hope that there would be a sale greater than 30% at some point just to save a few more dollars? Buy it now.
I agree with you and it struck me as odd but I do recall reading that. Perhaps I misinterpreted it.
I seem to recall a rule stated in this thread about "no blue and green but for an Irish queen" or something along those lines? Are there rules against wearing a green tie with a light blue shirt?
^I personally still like the stark contrast of the deep navy. Someone explain why I am misguided? Edit: If someone could photoshop a chocolate brown tie in there like Ed suggested I think I'd like that the most. This is an interesting color study...
Foo, I suspect that there are many of us relative sartorial newbies lurking in the shadows that appreciate your critiques. You are scathing at times but I personally don't find it offensive whatsoever since I'm not an effeminized male. You speak your mind and I know I've benefited as a result. In fact, I wore a silk cream square this past weekend and received several compliments about my overall appearance but not a specific piece of clothing. I think this is an...
Did someone just get told?Yes.
Just another day at work...
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