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I kind of like those. There's something of a dissonance though since the material seems like it's more appropriate for spring/summer footwear and not for boots. I wonder how they'd handle the weather.
Damn - $18.00 for laces?! I seem to remember that mail-in option was something like ~$5.00. Was I imagining that?Thanks for the link, by the way.
Could someone please advise where I can get replacement waxed leather laces for my 1000 milesin rust color? I remember reading somewhere that you have to mail in for them or something? If this is still the case does anyone have ther address?
One guy's girlfriend was neck-breaking hot. Kill me.
I went to the wedding of a friend I grew up with this past summer and THREE guys were unintentionally wearing the same exact outfit - a black suit with a lime green shirt and a lime green tie. I kid you not! At times I feel like I have exited the matrix and others are still stuck in it. When I start to feel guilty about how much I spend on clothes I can't help but think of the dire alternatives.
The real question is why BB produces so many coats without sidevents. Hopsack single vent style is whack.
So I picked up this Brooks Brothers brown herringbone tweed from ebay. It's due to arrive later this week. I'm not sure if I overpaid for it but I liked the look and hope it fits well. It's from 2007 but supposedly unworn. It has pretty much everything I was looking for but it's single vented when I would have preferred side vents. I'll settle for this one as it's difficult to find 100% exactly what I want. I'm hoping the ripple on the left shoulder as seen in the rear...
Can anyone attest to the general fit of the offerings on ebay uk? I'm not looking for a GQ slim cut but I feel as if the typical uk tweed is too dated.
^I'm thinking more along the lines of a brooks brothers level of quality around $300-$500. Unfortunately BB offers basically no acceptable tweed products lately.
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