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^de-bearded? Do have a more graceful demeanor until it grows back? It looks good overall but the lapels are a bit slim on that suit. Also, do you have your pocket flaps all stuffed in or are they welt pockets?
You could save it and make it work for a streetwear type shirt if you dabble in that style. I can't imagine it working too well in a professional setting without standing out for all of the wrong reasons.
If you do your diligence and are patient then you could probably find that watch or something similar on WatchUSeek or EBay. I bought a gently used Hamilton X Wind from WUS for something like $650. They retail for quite a bit more than that. The model you posted might not be as common to find. I would suggest searching for the similar looking Jazzmaster which is more abundant. I also purchased a Jazzmaster Open Heart on ebay for something like $600.00. It's my favorite...
I miss when this thread had more scathing critiques by Foo and others quite a few months ago. (I haven't been lurking in a while). What happened to the general consensus that sport coats should be darker than trousers? Caustic, it seems all of your coats from the last few dozen pages that I viewed are all lighter than your trousers which makes the outfit look discordant to my eye. Also the color combinations are all over the place.
To answer your question self-striped suiting is generally looked down upon on these forums which is what you have. The lapels are way too slim. As a general rule they should land about halfway of the distance to the shoulder. In that particular picture the jacket is too pinched in the torso which is causing an "X" creasing effect at the buttoning point which indicates poor fit. Lastly the jacket is too short and it looks like it was made for a child. It should cover the...
I kind of like those. There's something of a dissonance though since the material seems like it's more appropriate for spring/summer footwear and not for boots. I wonder how they'd handle the weather.
Damn - $18.00 for laces?! I seem to remember that mail-in option was something like ~$5.00. Was I imagining that?Thanks for the link, by the way.
Could someone please advise where I can get replacement waxed leather laces for my 1000 milesin rust color? I remember reading somewhere that you have to mail in for them or something? If this is still the case does anyone have ther address?
One guy's girlfriend was neck-breaking hot. Kill me.
I went to the wedding of a friend I grew up with this past summer and THREE guys were unintentionally wearing the same exact outfit - a black suit with a lime green shirt and a lime green tie. I kid you not! At times I feel like I have exited the matrix and others are still stuck in it. When I start to feel guilty about how much I spend on clothes I can't help but think of the dire alternatives.
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