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The real question is why BB produces so many coats without sidevents. Hopsack single vent style is whack.
So I picked up this Brooks Brothers brown herringbone tweed from ebay. It's due to arrive later this week. I'm not sure if I overpaid for it but I liked the look and hope it fits well. It's from 2007 but supposedly unworn. It has pretty much everything I was looking for but it's single vented when I would have preferred side vents. I'll settle for this one as it's difficult to find 100% exactly what I want. I'm hoping the ripple on the left shoulder as seen in the rear...
Can anyone attest to the general fit of the offerings on ebay uk? I'm not looking for a GQ slim cut but I feel as if the typical uk tweed is too dated.
^I'm thinking more along the lines of a brooks brothers level of quality around $300-$500. Unfortunately BB offers basically no acceptable tweed products lately.
Would you mind disclosing the manufacturer of these garments? Do you buy OTR, from ebay, or are they all bespoke?I am having a heck of a time finding a decently cut double-vented tweed sport coat that is reasonably priced. I think we should list some reliable outlets for people in my situation who are trying to join the club. What are the best sources for tweed sport coats that aren't designed poorly?
Very commonly single vented or side vented?
Thanks for the fabric advice. How often are tweed sport coats made with side (double) vents? It seems that they are much more commonly single-vented. It's not a style I prefer but due to the difficulty in finding a suitable coat I could settle with a single vent if this is indeed the trend.
Excellent article. Very informative. Thanks for expending the effort to educate us and sharing it!
Is there any reason why someone would avoid a tweed-like fabric with the following description/blend? 14oz is a medium-light weight for tweed, correct? That would be ideal for me as I "run hot." 14oz Merino Blend This luxurious range of tweed fabrics is ideal for skirts, suits, bags and scarves. Available in a range of smoky colours. Made from 80% Merino Wool and 20% Silk. Made in Scotland.
New Posts  All Forums: