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Has anyone read Swan Song that can recommend it?
Thanks for the recommendation but I initially meant to write fictional book rather than non-fiction. My mistake.
What are some of the best fictional nuclear holocaust/post-apocalyptic books in print? I am leaving for New Orleans tomorrow morning and this thread has me desiring an apocalyptic novel during the trip. Also, is there any possible theoretical solution to hastening the half life of nuclear radiation? Is there an active effort to do so? Our current methods of storing radiation in giant mountains or containment vessels seems archaic and fraught with extreme risk. Obviously...
Looking fresh, SB. Would that be a barleycorn tweed jacket?
The lapels on the second suit are legendary. It looks like someone made them that way as a joke.
Protip - keep a spare clean white/blue shirt and tie in your desk in case you strike it rich at night and don't make it home before work beckons the next day.Come to think of it you should make it a blue shirt because in the event that you have a long night and show up hungover the next day the white shirt is only going to enhance your paleness.
Despos, thanks for the feedback. I agree that I probably need a size smaller (this is a 41R) but this is an ebay find so I'm reluctant to go through the hassle of trying to resell it since I can't return it.For what it's worth my shoulders are more built up from heavy lifting than they may appear so it doesn't feel quite as loose as it may look. I'll have to try it on again tonight and come to a decision on whether to alter it or not.
Thanks, Sean. You're right - I've been lazy with shining my shoes! I'm surprised you could tell in that grainy photo, haha. As you said I think the length may be bearable. I'll post back here once the alterations are done!
I have the same problems, Cubits. Only Crew products work for me. Nothing else has enough hold.OP be advised that if you use Crew Forming Cream you absolutely need to have dry hair so get a hair dryer and try to avoid derisive comments when you have to use it.I personally make the front of my hair bone dry but leave the back every so slightly damp. If the back is too dry it tends to stick straight in the air for me.Forming Cream > all. I've been using it for about 10 years...
Hands down my favorite is American Crew Forming Cream. It has the best texture of any product in their line though it's a bit pricey at around $18.00 each in NY.
New Posts  All Forums: