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Hands down my favorite is American Crew Forming Cream. It has the best texture of any product in their line though it's a bit pricey at around $18.00 each in NY.
Sean, Do you have any input on my fit? I am thinking about shortening the jacket. Sorry for the sub-par pic: http://i.imgur.com/i3wVayV.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WKPn4hu.jpg Thanks for advice!
Thanks for your input, k4lnamja. Below are some (admittedly not ideal) pictures of me wearing the sport coat prior to any alterations. Again I think it could use about an inch off the length? Though it does appear that the top button point is dead center right now. Should I shorten it? Also how viable is it to soften the shoulder padding? As of right now it is quite stiff. Lastly, how viable is sleeve slimming? I think it could possible use some. I may just get the...
So I purchased the Brooks Brothers tweed sport coat shown below from ebay. Though it's marked as a 41R (which I usually fit well in) it is longer than my other BB coats. Granted I don't have a fit pic yet but I can say that with my hands at my sides in a relaxed cupped C position the jacket touches my finger tips. I prefer my jackets to reach the end of my thumb. What is the viability of having the jacket shortened a bit (3/4 of an inch?)? Is this a practical alteration?...
Avoid business casual. It's the nemesis to a well dressed man. You're going to have a lot of missteps, it's inevitable. I would read the "whnay good taste" thread to learn a lot about dressing well. A few quick tips: Skip the crummy shoes and get quality shoes that fit well. Allen Edmonds quality should suffice. You will feel a drastic difference in quality over something like Cole Haan's and it will save you money and anguish in the long run. Always get the longer...
I doubt it's as simple as you may suspect. Though it's a completely different garment I wanted to get a different collar applied to my Barbour Liddesdale jacket. My tailor said it was more complicated than it appeared at first blush and it'd cost $60-80 which is half the cost of the jacket. I declined. I'd imagine a tux would be quite a bit more expensive.
Sebago's designed by Ronnie Fieg may be your best bet. They take about a week of wear to break in. I usually put duct tape surreptitiously on the back of my heel until they're comfortable for regular wear. http://shop.ronniefieg.com/collections/rf-x-sebago-men http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0070/9152/products/DSC_6766_1024x1024.jpg?1969
The vast majority of the time when I see a lighter SC with darker pants it looks like that person just strolled out of Joseph A. Banks. In my opinion it's rarely executed well. sugarbutch - I was referring to the slogan in your avatar. I thought without the beard you might be more cheery? Unless your slogan is meant to be taken in a more intimately descriptive anatomical manner in which case I am shocked and appalled!
^de-bearded? Do have a more graceful demeanor until it grows back? It looks good overall but the lapels are a bit slim on that suit. Also, do you have your pocket flaps all stuffed in or are they welt pockets?
You could save it and make it work for a streetwear type shirt if you dabble in that style. I can't imagine it working too well in a professional setting without standing out for all of the wrong reasons.
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