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That's quite evident.
New York slim cut. Ah - I hadn't thought of that. I've never had shirt sleeves shortened. What do you think the average cost of shortening at the end of the sleeve versus the shoulder is?
Could someone that owns one of these shirts post a picture of the sleeve placket? Is it long or short? If I had to get 2 inches taken off of each sleeve I'd like to see how viable that is given the placket depth. Thanks!
Perhaps this has been addressed but it looks like their 16.5 inch neck shirts have 36" or longer sleeves?! I am a 16.5/34. How viable is it to get the sleeves shortened by 2 inches? Does it throw off the whole balance? Please advise if you've had this done as I was excited to purchase shirts from them until I learned of the shirt proportions.
I have never heard of Kamakura until now and it turns out that it's around the block from my building! It looks like they have a superior spread collar than the BB shirts since it will fit under your lapel?Do they ever have regular sales like BB? Let me know of any pro-tips! Thanks for the recommendation since it's tiring showing up to work with the same BB shirts as everyone in the office.
Excellent posts by both of you, thanks.So since atomic bombs won't give survivors much radiation then what's the deal with Chernobyl? How was that radiation different so that it caused such fallout? Also, how concerned should we be about Fukushima radiation potentially severely irradiating the earth's oceans?
In for observational purposes.
Pencil + paper + spreadsheet + calculator + cocaine.
Thanks for the info. So in laymen's terms can you describe what happens when someone gets iradiated? It essentially penetrates your body and poisons you, no?In other news, the state department just issued a global terror threat. Luckily I am leaving Manhattan for the weekend...http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-09-25/here-we-go-again-state-department-issues-new-worldwide-terrorist-threat-caution
New Posts  All Forums: