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Thanks, Sean. You're right - I've been lazy with shining my shoes! I'm surprised you could tell in that grainy photo, haha. As you said I think the length may be bearable. I'll post back here once the alterations are done!
I have the same problems, Cubits. Only Crew products work for me. Nothing else has enough hold.OP be advised that if you use Crew Forming Cream you absolutely need to have dry hair so get a hair dryer and try to avoid derisive comments when you have to use it.I personally make the front of my hair bone dry but leave the back every so slightly damp. If the back is too dry it tends to stick straight in the air for me.Forming Cream > all. I've been using it for about 10 years...
Hands down my favorite is American Crew Forming Cream. It has the best texture of any product in their line though it's a bit pricey at around $18.00 each in NY.
Sean, Do you have any input on my fit? I am thinking about shortening the jacket. Sorry for the sub-par pic: http://i.imgur.com/i3wVayV.jpg http://i.imgur.com/WKPn4hu.jpg Thanks for advice!
Thanks for your input, k4lnamja. Below are some (admittedly not ideal) pictures of me wearing the sport coat prior to any alterations. Again I think it could use about an inch off the length? Though it does appear that the top button point is dead center right now. Should I shorten it? Also how viable is it to soften the shoulder padding? As of right now it is quite stiff. Lastly, how viable is sleeve slimming? I think it could possible use some. I may just get the...
So I purchased the Brooks Brothers tweed sport coat shown below from ebay. Though it's marked as a 41R (which I usually fit well in) it is longer than my other BB coats. Granted I don't have a fit pic yet but I can say that with my hands at my sides in a relaxed cupped C position the jacket touches my finger tips. I prefer my jackets to reach the end of my thumb. What is the viability of having the jacket shortened a bit (3/4 of an inch?)? Is this a practical alteration?...
Avoid business casual. It's the nemesis to a well dressed man. You're going to have a lot of missteps, it's inevitable. I would read the "whnay good taste" thread to learn a lot about dressing well. A few quick tips: Skip the crummy shoes and get quality shoes that fit well. Allen Edmonds quality should suffice. You will feel a drastic difference in quality over something like Cole Haan's and it will save you money and anguish in the long run. Always get the longer...
I doubt it's as simple as you may suspect. Though it's a completely different garment I wanted to get a different collar applied to my Barbour Liddesdale jacket. My tailor said it was more complicated than it appeared at first blush and it'd cost $60-80 which is half the cost of the jacket. I declined. I'd imagine a tux would be quite a bit more expensive.
Sebago's designed by Ronnie Fieg may be your best bet. They take about a week of wear to break in. I usually put duct tape surreptitiously on the back of my heel until they're comfortable for regular wear. http://shop.ronniefieg.com/collections/rf-x-sebago-men http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0070/9152/products/DSC_6766_1024x1024.jpg?1969
The vast majority of the time when I see a lighter SC with darker pants it looks like that person just strolled out of Joseph A. Banks. In my opinion it's rarely executed well. sugarbutch - I was referring to the slogan in your avatar. I thought without the beard you might be more cheery? Unless your slogan is meant to be taken in a more intimately descriptive anatomical manner in which case I am shocked and appalled!
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