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It's simply a play for the PE firm to cash out while the getting is still good and they have a suitor. They couldn't give a damn who they sell to. The CEO probably knows the writing is on the wall for the AE brand if they sell to MW but he has little say in the matter.
Do you have a page number or link to direct me to posts you reference? Thanks.
Could someone advise if I am doing the waxing process in the correct order? Thanks.
Don't you worry of the inevitable destruction of your brand when it is acquired by Men's Warehouse? Under no circumstance would it improve the image of the company. The only thing it will achieve is enriching the shareholders (PE firm). I don't mean this maliciously.Thanks for stopping by, regardless.
What is the greatest "workhorse" tie of them all? I would have to make the uncontroversial statement that it's knits. Though this may be common knowledge around here I've grown to admire how easy it is to throw on a solid knit with almost anything I am wearing on a given work day. They take a beating without getting too wrinkly, provide a bit of visual/textural interest, and you only need a few solid colors which pair with everything. You don't have to worry about pattern...
This is on page B1 of the wall street journal this morning. What a shame. I own two pairs of AE's and they'll be my last if MW acquires them.
So can someone clarify the process for me regarding waxing a shoe? Assuming my shoes are fully polished with color the process I used to wax is shown below. Melt a dab of Saphir M d'Or and apply the liquid to toe/heel (melting helps with application per a thread I read here). I scraped a tiny bit out with a spoon then lit it. Apply a dab of ice water and rub in. Polish with stockings. Repeat about a bazillion times to achieve a mirror shine. Is that the correct order of...
You too can look like a movie poster meme!
That's quite evident.
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