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It's inescapable! I don't even now what it means, hahaha. Thanks though, Thelonius! HahaCorbera, is that one of your own? Sharp.
The one thing I am noticing is that the button point seems a bit high for a 2 button? I'm not sure if this can be specified to be lower for their MTM patterns? I wonder...Also, I wonder if those are flap pockets with the flaps tucked in? His right pocket seems to be bulging a bit...
Is that you in the picture? The fit looks very good for a tweed coat to my novice eye. It's not boxy and old man-ish. If that is you could you provide any special details you provided for your order such as softened shoulders, etc? Thanks.
For those who have purchased a MTM coat from Bookster - what is the average wait time? Also, if you have pictures to share, don't be shy! I am thinking about placing an order for my first tweed coat within the next month for next Fall season although I have a laundry list of other things that should take priority. Tweed is just too alluring though! Thanks!
I've been listening to rumba flamenco/acid jazz/salsa all day due to the weather here in NYC. With that outfit, it'd suit you well to do the same..!
My goodness - is that a black belt with Walnut AE's? Isn't this one of the most basic and fundamental tenets of style? That your belt and shoes shouldn't conflict horribly?I'm going to have to assume that you're posing with your sister because no self-respecting lady would cavort with a man wearing a black belt and light brown shoes.
Hahahaha - you're built like an 18 year old accounting intern. Who the fuck are you to criticize somebody's body shape?
Bahaha - what a rude, bitchy, effeminate comment.Can you please provide a picture of your own so that we can laugh at your undoubtedly effeminate features, moron?
You wore a pattern on a pattern on a pattern on a pattern, for one thing.The color palette does not seem to have any coherence at all....and lastly the color and texture of that jacket reminds me of an octogenarian's polyester couch. Not to mention the fit issues.Sorry if it's harsh but that's my opinion.^ That couch won ugliest couch in the world for 2009 and your coat resembles it. Something to consider...http://www.norwoodmall.com/ugly/2009.html
^ patrickBOOTH..?
New Posts  All Forums: