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Out of curiosity how much do these capes typically cost you? Do you get them custom made? Living in NYC this type of accessory has practically no utility and would only be worn by affluent elder men or gay hipsters. It's an interesting piece of clothing in regions where it has more daily usefulness. Although I only think it's appealing in a rustic sense. Anything else comes off as too foppish.
Yea - absolutely do not start out with Walnut AE's. Though they are nice you should wear them more sparingly. A burnished brown shoe will be far more versatile. Get a matching belt but not the Allen Edmonds burnished brown one because it has the logo printed on the clasp. Get a more elegant offering from Brooks Brothers.
Wrong thread? USPS takes an eternity and their website isn't nearly as accurate as FedEx. If you don't receive it by Wednesday of next week start to worry.
You have to post more - you always have excellent fits.Could someone please explain why the vast majority of collars are too short on men's shirts? Now that I've been enlightened by this thread this is one of the things that bothers me the most. Most collars are way too stunted and it's frustrating because most of my own (largely brooks brothers shirts) are this way as well. Why don't the manufacturers make the collars a 1/4 inch longer to fit under suit jackets properly?
Shorter pants? Like this?
The waist on this shirt looks so slim it resembles a "photoshop fail":
http://store.americanapparel.net/m434burn.html ^ It's worth reading the reviews: http://www.americanapparel.net/storefront/ratingsreviews/Reviews.aspx?r=1&s=m434burn&gc=M434BURN&dc=See Thru Eggplant
Fuck Reading All That version:(Arnold Schwarzenegger voice) I am built like Hercules and you are built like a puny peon.Oh and by the way, keep doing what your doing... I have nothing really to add other than to express my superior glute size on a style forum.
Daddy needs some new shoes!
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