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I seem to remember a discussion regarding the general aversion to orange ties from a while back in this thread. Much like there are nice hues of purple ties that can be incorporated into a tasteful outfit I feel this orange tie presents a great case for that color. Dissenters?
What I do is scrape a small amount of wax from the container into a spoon. Light the wax while it's on the spoon and a small amount of liquid will pool up. Dip your cloth into that and apply.
CM does SWD = J Crew Catalogue gone wild.
[[SPOILER]] Fred, as usual it looks good all around but I personally don't like stripes within stripes on ties. It looks cheap to me. Am I alone on this?
These were all new out of the box? The rust is lighter out of the box but from my experience they darken quite a bit from wear and especially if you apply snowseal, etc, from what I've read.Perhaps the first store thought they were brown but they showed you a rust pair? Did you check the color description on the box?
Is that a black belt paired with brown shoes?
Additionally you should supply convenient links on where we can buy the necessary items like Obenauf's, etc!
I look forward to this series but I believe you should preface your guide by stating that waterproofing your boots can darken the color. I seem to remember this when I was researching buying my rust 1k's. I didn't want to darken them so I have never waterproofed them.My request for the next entry is to explain your process for basic polishing care without the waterproofing? Thanks again!
It's simply a play for the PE firm to cash out while the getting is still good and they have a suitor. They couldn't give a damn who they sell to. The CEO probably knows the writing is on the wall for the AE brand if they sell to MW but he has little say in the matter.
Do you have a page number or link to direct me to posts you reference? Thanks.
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