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^That's the coloration that my rust 1k's have with about 3 years of seasonal wear. Except my left toe has a giant 1.5 inch gash on it caused by me opening a back door and the corner rammed into the tip of my boot. *shakesfistatsky*
Not sure - You should post 10 fits featuring a red tie to buck the trend and teach us your ways.
Excellent Foo-fold!
I seem to remember a discussion regarding the general aversion to orange ties from a while back in this thread. Much like there are nice hues of purple ties that can be incorporated into a tasteful outfit I feel this orange tie presents a great case for that color. Dissenters?
What I do is scrape a small amount of wax from the container into a spoon. Light the wax while it's on the spoon and a small amount of liquid will pool up. Dip your cloth into that and apply.
CM does SWD = J Crew Catalogue gone wild.
[[SPOILER]] Fred, as usual it looks good all around but I personally don't like stripes within stripes on ties. It looks cheap to me. Am I alone on this?
These were all new out of the box? The rust is lighter out of the box but from my experience they darken quite a bit from wear and especially if you apply snowseal, etc, from what I've read.Perhaps the first store thought they were brown but they showed you a rust pair? Did you check the color description on the box?
Is that a black belt paired with brown shoes?
Additionally you should supply convenient links on where we can buy the necessary items like Obenauf's, etc!
New Posts  All Forums: