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Crane's,What brand of oil do you recommend? You should post a link to your care guide in your signature. I can't seem to find it on your site.Thanks!
Howdy - I need to ship an item from Toronto to the NYC but the retailer does not provide that service from Canada to the US. Are there any reputable Canadian proxy shippers that provide this service? Or are there any trusty forum members that might be able to help a StyFo Bro out? Google has not turned up any good results. Thanks for any information!
I topy'ed and it was definitely worth it. That thin piece of rubber adds transaction when the streets are slushy if you live in a suburban area. It also increases the amount of time you can walk around before water seeps in and soaks your feet.
I am having a hard time deciding which size gym bag to get. I have decided on the Kelty Cargo Drum. I like the navy color but that is the medium size which is only 15"x7"x7". The tan color I like quite a bit less because I'll be hauling my gym gear while going to work in a suit so it kind of clashes. However the dimensions are larger at 18"x9"x9". I fear the navy is probably too small. I have to fit size 8 sneakers, shorts, a shirt, underwear, and sandals in the bag. Do...
I measure a size 9 on the AE shoe fitting thing-a-ma-jig. I wear size 7.5EEE AE's and they are very comfortable. I couldn't imagine wearing a larger shoe. In face, most of my shoes are size 8 and anything bigger feels very uncomfortable. I think there's a lot that goes into a proper fit for each individual.
As I said in the other thread I would advise against this purchase. Any properly fitting suit jacket will be hanging out by about 2 inches at the bottom which would look clownish.
Your boots must have a fragrant aroma!
^Do not buy unless you only plan on wearing it casually. It won't cover a suit jacket which will look silly if you opted to wear it to work.
Those are far and away the sleekest looking AE's I've ever seen. Very nice! Do you mind revealing how much those cost with shell? If you want to PM me rather than post it here I'd appreciate it. Thanks!Also, how long was the wait?
^That's the coloration that my rust 1k's have with about 3 years of seasonal wear. Except my left toe has a giant 1.5 inch gash on it caused by me opening a back door and the corner rammed into the tip of my boot. *shakesfistatsky*
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