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Wow - so I put my shirts with abnormally long sleeves through the washer and dryer. They now fit fairly well! They are perhaps still a touch too long but I'm fine with it. I'm psyched! No alteration is really imminent. Knowing they shrink like this I am going to purchase more.
Ah, that's right! Good old pB - Strange fellah!
It's destined to devolve into a discussion about 50 year old television shows.
Did we ever figure out what this even means?!
Alright so i haven't posted here in over a year. How many dozens of pages back do I have to go to get past the television discussion and see some good ole' tasteful alfits?!
Oh, hi guys!
Great to know. I think that will be too slim for my frame but I'll try it out. I have the NY fit and those fit perfectly well in the body. I imagine the Tokyo fit will be too snug in that instance?
I wear a 16.5" - 34" BB shirt. The Kamakura 16.5" shirts have something like a 36" inch sleeve. It's horrible. I love their collars however. I am going to try shrinking both of my shirts in the dryer then I'll probably have to send them to a tailor to see what they can do. I wish they offered more sizes. I'd buy tons more of their shirts. What they sell is proportionate for a model's build perhaps? Not the average guy.
Crane's,What brand of oil do you recommend? You should post a link to your care guide in your signature. I can't seem to find it on your site.Thanks!
Howdy - I need to ship an item from Toronto to the NYC but the retailer does not provide that service from Canada to the US. Are there any reputable Canadian proxy shippers that provide this service? Or are there any trusty forum members that might be able to help a StyFo Bro out? Google has not turned up any good results. Thanks for any information!
New Posts  All Forums: