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What are some SF thoughts on patch pockets with flaps? Is this kind of bizarre? This seems like a strange trendy look? Or is this a typical classic style? Disregard the obvious fit issues and horrid styling...
Wow - so I put my shirts with abnormally long sleeves through the washer and dryer. They now fit fairly well! They are perhaps still a touch too long but I'm fine with it. I'm psyched! No alteration is really imminent. Knowing they shrink like this I am going to purchase more.
Ah, that's right! Good old pB - Strange fellah!
It's destined to devolve into a discussion about 50 year old television shows.
Did we ever figure out what this even means?!
Alright so i haven't posted here in over a year. How many dozens of pages back do I have to go to get past the television discussion and see some good ole' tasteful alfits?!
Oh, hi guys!
Great to know. I think that will be too slim for my frame but I'll try it out. I have the NY fit and those fit perfectly well in the body. I imagine the Tokyo fit will be too snug in that instance?
I wear a 16.5" - 34" BB shirt. The Kamakura 16.5" shirts have something like a 36" inch sleeve. It's horrible. I love their collars however. I am going to try shrinking both of my shirts in the dryer then I'll probably have to send them to a tailor to see what they can do. I wish they offered more sizes. I'd buy tons more of their shirts. What they sell is proportionate for a model's build perhaps? Not the average guy.
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