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Quote: Originally Posted by wj2009 the buyer can an a-hole, and ebay will still side with him There is no seller protection on eBay. +1 on that one. That's one reason why Ebay is a pain in the ass.
Awesome shoes--factory and showroom was where I live: Syracuse, NY. One of the great things this town had going for it. If they are a 9 they'd be gone!
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff So you don't actually object to the items you listed, you object to how common slobs wear said items. How on earth is that a problem with the items and not with the slobs? Corporate branding is an issue I agree with you on. But you conflate the branding with the garment. A ballcap does not need to have a titlist logo or whatever. It can be fitted, plain blue, and have a Yankees logo. Or a mets one. Or...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff I disagree with several of these. There is a place for casual wear, including baseball caps. Polo, nice chino shorts, ballcap with favorite hockey team's logo. Perfect look for a backyard barbecue. Also, what the hell do you have against woven leather belts? Sorry, but you're about to get kicked in in the ass. Okay, I'll give you a partial on the "ball cap at a BBQ" just to be nice, especially if...
I am going to go low-end here, confident that no responsible SF'r would indulge in any of these "Top Ten" and that all will agree with each and every one of these: 1. Baseball caps worn by other than baseball players. 2. Wind pants (and wind shirts), the latter worn when not playing golf and even then... 3. Low-profile cotton baseball style caps with a printed summery destination worn other than in the summer to protect one's face from the sun. 4. Athletic...
PM sent on Zegna coat/sweater!
The Cetaphil product with SPF 15 built in is very good and inexpensive. I use it year 'round.
BUMP and drop to $200 and if someone doesn't take it, I will just keep it.
I had this bag for sale but no interest and I like it so I'm keeping it.
Quote: Originally Posted by harryx2 Oh come on! The seller should have never called Achilles a jackass, he merely sent an email making a remark (very natural, seeing peed pants being sold as excellent) and the seller clearly was waiting for our guy in the corner. Actually, I missed the "jackass" part and upon further reflection it does seem like the seller was waiting to pounce. I stand corrected and withdraw my observation. I don't think...
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