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I fold them carefully, and put them in a Rubbermaid bin that I keep under my bed. Not very sophisticated but having about 1,000 goddamn belts on a "hanger gizmo" I can't take any more slipping and falling off of stuff. Requires some rooting around to find the right one, but, if done carefully, the ones on top can be replaced without wrinkling.
Yes, the sleeves are long and yes, you need better pictures if you want better answers. BUT, respectfully, the fact that you are wearing a green open collared shirt with a white crew neck tee visible indicates that some serious consultation is in order on a more general level. Doesn't matter that you don't intend to wear this with the suit. Matters that you are wearing it at all.
These are great and I think I have the same shoe. Brooks also had one made by Peal in a color they called "Milkshake" and those are great, too. And for what it's worth, I even asked Spoo about chocolate suede and he said why not (but, I suggested, not with something super summery.) As far as chukkas go, I agree with the comment that some can have too rounded a too--as in the Clark's but they look okay with casual clothes. Quote: Originally Posted by...
Quote: Originally Posted by wj2009 the buyer can an a-hole, and ebay will still side with him There is no seller protection on eBay. +1 on that one. That's one reason why Ebay is a pain in the ass.
Awesome shoes--factory and showroom was where I live: Syracuse, NY. One of the great things this town had going for it. If they are a 9 they'd be gone!
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff So you don't actually object to the items you listed, you object to how common slobs wear said items. How on earth is that a problem with the items and not with the slobs? Corporate branding is an issue I agree with you on. But you conflate the branding with the garment. A ballcap does not need to have a titlist logo or whatever. It can be fitted, plain blue, and have a Yankees logo. Or a mets one. Or...
Quote: Originally Posted by cptjeff I disagree with several of these. There is a place for casual wear, including baseball caps. Polo, nice chino shorts, ballcap with favorite hockey team's logo. Perfect look for a backyard barbecue. Also, what the hell do you have against woven leather belts? Sorry, but you're about to get kicked in in the ass. Okay, I'll give you a partial on the "ball cap at a BBQ" just to be nice, especially if...
I am going to go low-end here, confident that no responsible SF'r would indulge in any of these "Top Ten" and that all will agree with each and every one of these: 1. Baseball caps worn by other than baseball players. 2. Wind pants (and wind shirts), the latter worn when not playing golf and even then... 3. Low-profile cotton baseball style caps with a printed summery destination worn other than in the summer to protect one's face from the sun. 4. Athletic...
PM sent on Zegna coat/sweater!
The Cetaphil product with SPF 15 built in is very good and inexpensive. I use it year 'round.
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