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Polar-lemon sold me some great Alden for Brooks Bros.cordovan loafers. Great to do business with. Mr. Lee
pocketsquareguy is a good seller and a good guy!
Hazard of commercial laundering; hard to avoid although I've been having a good run lately. I have not had a good run with buttons staying on a few items, though, none of which are too tight.
Well, it's not exactly an inspiring outfit--appears not to have his father's taste in clothes. But his taste in women more than makes up for that!
The answer from a legal perspective is "no" BUT neither should you disparage him in any way if he puts you as a reference and you are contacted by a potential new employer. All you do is say he worked for you--confirm it--and decline to elaborate. It's sad but true that crummy employees have managed to flip things this way but this is standard protocal in any personnel office these days. I am sure you will get many similar replies. Good luck.
Just recieved my second set of cufflinks and my first pair of pocket squares and they are all beautiful. I highly recommend this guy!
It's a great outlet, but, as many have noted, not really something to do as a side-trip while in NYC. On the other hand, my wife and I did it as a weekend thing but we live in Upstate New York and keep our NYC trips separate. She got an great Armani coat: retail $3,500; their price $1,500. I got some nice Polo and some other shit. Beware of the hordes of foreigners toting roller suitcases and generally pushing their way around. Also, steer clear of Coach and Ugg...
Are they from the "Supima" line? If so, very much worth it. I have 2; got them, like, 2 for $129. Quote: Originally Posted by Hotdang Brooks Brothers outlet has these 100% cotton v-neck sweaters in every color imaginable for $29.99, marked down from the original $59.99. When I saw them briefly, they felt surprisingly nice. Anyone have any experience with these sweaters and how they hold up?
Christ, did ANYONE answer your question. Just got the flyer: starts June 20, ends July 5. Quote: Originally Posted by NAMOR Anyone know when the semi-annual sale begins? I understand that last year it was 40% +15% off
I fold them carefully, and put them in a Rubbermaid bin that I keep under my bed. Not very sophisticated but having about 1,000 goddamn belts on a "hanger gizmo" I can't take any more slipping and falling off of stuff. Requires some rooting around to find the right one, but, if done carefully, the ones on top can be replaced without wrinkling.
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