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Dark and lighter are both okay IMO. It's the fit that counts, as evidenced by soon-to-be-ex-Presidential contender Santorum. The pot belly has to go too. But at least he's not wearing sneakers or a baseball cap. Carhartts are the best bet at Home Depot, if you're actually doing a project and not picking up light bulbs.
Bought these last year from polar-lemon and wore them once. They are great but I am not a penny loafer guy. Here is the description he provided in his post. It remains accurate. Box (slightly beat up) is included, no trees. "Alden for BB unlined black shell LHS in size 9D. On the Van last, which some say runs about 1/4 size large. These have very light wear, as evidence by the minimal creasing (even without shoe trees in) and the excellent shape of the soles. Toe and...
I had a guy tell me his aunt retired as a schoolteacher at 55 or so, having taught for 33 years. She lived to be 104. So she got paid for working for 33 years and paid for not working for almost 50. I am a 58 year old-lawyer and my retirement plan is simple: death.
Got a couple of new Isaia ties here for a fraction of the original price and they are beautiful!
I personally avoided them for years since they were so indentified with "Wall Street"--especially the larger collar models. I have since bought a couple of white collar/cuffs light blue shrit from Brooks Bros. and because the collar points are short they are not as ostentatious. And I am a lawyer, but still would associate this look with Wall Street types.
No interest, so I'm keeping them.
I think they look great and it is only when you mentioned the size of the buckels that I noticed this. I don't think it's an issue at all. Are the other commenters right about the price: $200 USD? That's unbelievable (to me, anyway) for custom shoes. Wear them in good health.
Sorry, but fuck if I know--it's a soft purple to my eye. Try NDC too.
A couple of observations on other's comments. First, if you are lucky enough to find Vilebrequin on Gilt, they will run you at least $100. I should know--I have 2. Also, on the Birdwells, these are a classic surf and life guard trunk but the fit is very small and you have to go up at least a size. Cannot recommend them unless you try them on. They are unlined so be prepared for some irritation on your nut sack when in the ocean. J. Crew has some decent styles but...
These look like they are Tod's. Google it. Good luck. Lee
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