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For sale is this silver colored brooch I bought to wear as a lapel flower, but I don't dig it in person. Paid $94.00 from Union Made, I think. Sold out on Hypebeast at $80.00. Haven't even taken it out of the bag and kind of forgot I bought it! (The two photos out of the bag are from the Hypebeast website.) Add $5.00 for shipping. PayPal and shipping to CONUS only. Thanks for looking!
Am I missing something or is the size and fit not posted?
I came across this because I just bought a pair of Banister crocodile monks on eBay. Supposed to be hand made in Italy and authencity guaranteed. We'll see when they arrive! Lee
Thanks, I had checked these guys out. More of an advertisement or club pin. But I appreciate your response. Lee
Thanks, I agree $10 sounds pretty cheap (at least in the U.S.). Now I have to decide if I want to bother. Thanks for the responses, though. Lee
I know I can ask my tailor this but it's Saturday night and he's closed Sunday and Monday. I have noticed that my casual linen shirts that I like to wear outside are all too long in the body. I was looking at a photo on "The Sartorialist" where Scott commented that the guy's linen shirt fit perfect with the body length right at the wrist. He noted that he was going to take the photo to his tailor to have his shirts shortened. Since he's only about 5' 6" his must really...
Yes, I think you're right. I'll start a different search. Thanks. L.
Hi, anybody know where you can pick up the kind of lapel pin this guy is wearing? Thanks.  
Given away to a needy person. Sorry, gents.
Catch and release from Bimper. As he described them, "a lovely reproduction of military officer's shoes from Alden x Unionmade, size 9 in the Leydon last. Nice rusty brown calf, matched eyelets, antique-styled trim, and heavy single water-lock sole w/Goodyear heel. Just a great pair of handsome, no-nonsense brown bluchers." Unfortunately, on personal inspection, just not my style. I have not even tried them on. Bimper noted that are some scratches on the sole, just...
New Posts  All Forums: