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WAY too much bullshit. Zero her out and get back in the hunt.
Dump and hit "reset."
Walking on the curb side is useful. Especially if your companion is not particularly, "here comes a car that is going to hit this big-ass puddle and drench us" savvy. You see it coming better and the gentle push goes over bigger than a tug.
I am persuaded. But my wings are not the Kenmoor, just the standard Brooks Bros. I do like the look with the selvedge jeans turned up. I do that so that will work for me. Do you think adding a Brooks university blazer (it's the heavier wool one with the slightly narrower lapels, patch pockets (came with a doofy crest-chucked that), gingham shirt and a bow tie is too much?
You are just a little too young to be on a proper muscle building program. That said, you need to eat quite a bit more, take a good protein powder and stick to incline benches which are better for building your upper chest than flat. Also incline flyes, done, as Arnold used to say, "like you are hugging a tree." Shoulder work is also key as you are basically trying to build up the upper area of your body. But at your weight, and if you were about 3 years older, you...
I say you can horse around being fat, tanning and even smoking for a while and then it is time to get fit, lose the fake bake, and knock off the butts. The cumulative effect kicks in at about 40 and at 50 or so, it really makes a difference. Your skin is like shoe leather, being fat is just unhealthy, and there is no case to be made for smoking: it kills and it makes you stink. It really is now just for the lower social orders. No question building muscle is key and...
The taking out is no big deal-you just need to remember not to put them in a napkin and then roll it up and throw it away. I had to wear a retainer for quite a while and they can get kind of smelly, so I would take a quick trip to the can, remove it, rinse it and put it back in its plastic case in my pocket. Re-insertion can be accomplished discretely at tableside, assuming you haven't had something to eat that is making them a poor fit (i.e., peanuts), in which case,...
Check out the British company Shipton & Heneage-they have a USA site. I bought a pair of suede boots and a pair of suede tassel loafers and they are very nice at $255-$275 or so. They also have some longer toe box styles that are more fashion forward than AE captoes or wingtips. Customer service was decent, but you have to deal with the time change and the fact that there is one person assigned to US orders (even on the web) and since she was "on holiday", my order sat...
I got one from Land's End for my son and it is a good value as well as all-season. It may have been $295 or cheaper. And it does have gold-tone buttons.
I just bought some from an SF seller: E-mail is lizhiqiang.a2@gmail.com. Having said that, I just posted a thread asking what to do with them: have not seen these anywhere as a current or emerging trend. But they were about $2 a pair, so, so what?!
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