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Well, the Peal made for Brooks Brothers are pretty nice-I believe they are a long-toe version and they're about $500. A cheaper alternative (I bought two pairs of their shoes in chocolate suede, a tassel loafer and a Chelsea with a strap) is Shipton and Heneage. As I mentioned in another post even though they have a "USA website" their customer service is based with the company in England. Mine were $255-$275 and the quality is very good.
Pants are too light and the shoes are too dark. Also, the pants look too long and appear to be rather baggy. Unsolicited on these issues, I know, but... (and the box doesn't help either).
One pair 32, one pair 33, please.
Bleachboy, you win today's award for recommending something I must have! Just picked up a pair just like yours from the 'Bay for $100. Do wish the seller had hit them with some edging, but I can take care of that. Thanks for the recommendation!
Sorry, I though they were the Florsheim Kenmoor which I thought was the elongated version. I did notice the shell cordovan-very nice. I agree it's a lot. The bow tie really burns it. I only have one and when I wore it I kind of felt like a douche. But in this town, my taste is generally regarded as unassailable so no one said shit.
I went to Vegas with my wife and her brother and his wife for 5 days. Don't drink and gambled $20. Had the time of my life. Do the shows, shop, Hoover dam and people watch. Being slightly ballsy, I also enjoyed collecting the picture "business cards" of escort girls that are handed out by immigrant guys, usually Mexican. After I got a bunch I would wait for some big doofy guy in jorts and socks up to his knees with an equally doofy wife come by and palm one off to him...
WAY too much bullshit. Zero her out and get back in the hunt.
Dump and hit "reset."
Walking on the curb side is useful. Especially if your companion is not particularly, "here comes a car that is going to hit this big-ass puddle and drench us" savvy. You see it coming better and the gentle push goes over bigger than a tug.
I am persuaded. But my wings are not the Kenmoor, just the standard Brooks Bros. I do like the look with the selvedge jeans turned up. I do that so that will work for me. Do you think adding a Brooks university blazer (it's the heavier wool one with the slightly narrower lapels, patch pockets (came with a doofy crest-chucked that), gingham shirt and a bow tie is too much?
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