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I have these and the comment posted by Ranger as to brown only and improving with age is right on the money. They may not be a $1,000 shoe like many SF'ers favor, but they are nice for the price.
The dressier Timex's and Skagen pictured are the way to go. The MJ would not have been a good choice. No classic watch has the brand name written around the perimeter like that. That's an el cheapo fashion watch, not a classic watch.
I do, but considering the people I am usually riding with the translation amounts to something different. Still, I think it's a nice gesture and certainly not intrusive. Makes up for some of the a-holes on cell phones in elevators!
Very nice-didn't see the price posted or inquired about?
Spoo is right. If they were a whole lot sleeker, the branding would not bother me. But this looks like Frye boot branding--clunky footwear, obvious branding. In fact, the style is so unusual that, couple with the branding, MIGHT make people think they're fakes.
At 5"11" unless something about your torso or legs was out of whack there is no way you would be a short. It would be helpful if you had a side shot, close up, showing your hand cupped around the hem on the side--the skirt of the jacket should fall into the fold of your fingers. From what I can see, your's looks fine. The usual problem for guys is the sleeves are too long. Not for guys on this site, but for the general male population, mind you. But, based on your...
PM sent re cream t-neck.
Very lovely bracelets!
Without trying to sound too much like a lawyer, you might want to check whether your company has an anti-fraternization policy or somehow discourages "fishing off the company pier." Also, you did not mention your status vis-a-vis hers. If you are her superior in any respect, it's a bad idea. And, generally speaking, unless she's "the one" work-based relationships are a bad idea. Somebody is going to bust it off sooner or later and then you have to see each other every...
Well, the Peal made for Brooks Brothers are pretty nice-I believe they are a long-toe version and they're about $500. A cheaper alternative (I bought two pairs of their shoes in chocolate suede, a tassel loafer and a Chelsea with a strap) is Shipton and Heneage. As I mentioned in another post even though they have a "USA website" their customer service is based with the company in England. Mine were $255-$275 and the quality is very good.
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