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Stole the whole look. Thanks!
Everybody is right: bottom line is it's not a bad suit but the price is too high.
That is a fine choice. if you would consider rectangular try Baume et Mercier Hampton Square 8607. Not as easy to find as a Tag. I have one. Also, if you want to bargain hunt, try www. watchuseek.com Great deals from watch nuts. I paid $600 for the watch I have just recommended and it retails on discount watch sites for about $1,600. You can't tell if from new and the people on the site are as fanatical about the condition of what they are buying/selling as the...
J. Peterman. 55% cashmere, 45% silk. I have two in black and one in grey. Note on sizing: I am 44R and bought the first as an XL--seemed ok. The last two I bought we just a Large and they are better. Also, the first one is 10 years old and still going strong. I think the Merino ones from Brooks Bros. are too lightweight and kind of cheap (at $89.50, I think, I guess they should be.)
Thanks, that was enormously helpful! I'll work on it after I finish douching today, jerky.
Judging by the sheer jerkiness of the replies two of you decided it was worth your time to submit, just forget I asked. I could make the hug proposed interesting if it was in person--take you down a peg or two--once you woke up. You can go back to work or busting other people's chops.
I have these and the comment posted by Ranger as to brown only and improving with age is right on the money. They may not be a $1,000 shoe like many SF'ers favor, but they are nice for the price.
The dressier Timex's and Skagen pictured are the way to go. The MJ would not have been a good choice. No classic watch has the brand name written around the perimeter like that. That's an el cheapo fashion watch, not a classic watch.
I do, but considering the people I am usually riding with the translation amounts to something different. Still, I think it's a nice gesture and certainly not intrusive. Makes up for some of the a-holes on cell phones in elevators!
Very nice-didn't see the price posted or inquired about?
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