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Yes, the best way, if you are right-handed, is as you are pulling the long end down with your right hand, to push your index finger of your left hand into the tie where you want the dimple to be--roughly, anyway--and pull it tight. I think I saw this in Esquire or GQ's Black Book piece on tie knots. Works pretty well.
I love the Cuiron: bought it several years ago, but it was discontinued. Having a tiny bit left that I nurse, but it has lost some of its strength which is why I am hesitant to buy any "used" product. Where have you found it?
From left to right: go with the third one and forget about the fourth. Good luck--it is a pain in the ass.
I'm with the gift basket from Bath and Bodyworks. Try to pick something fresh smelling (as in not vanilla). Perfume is too personal, in both the sense that you have only been dating for a month AND women (like many men) are particular about fragrance. I bought my wife--and she was with me--a $250 bottle of the Creed Princess Grace scent (I forget the name, "Fluerissimma" or something) and she hardly uses it. I asked her why and she says she only will wear her Coco by...
I don't think so. That's why movies are movies and life is life.
On boots, I have used a thorough spray of alcohol, followed by spraying with water and wiping. I also use a medium-grade sandpaper on the edges--areas that would naturally be exposed to abrasion. I would NOT take a piece of sandpaper to the main areas as the result is unpredictable and will likely look just like the result of sandpaper rather than wear and tear. Good luck.
Picked up a great Brooks Brothers hunting jacket from this guy and it was a steal! Highly recommended.
Since I live in Upstate New York, I would never see any of his stuff on the street. But when I visit New York, 5-6 times a year, I never see any guys wearing it. Nor do I see anybody in Brooks Brothers buying a Harry Potter style cape from the BBBF line. Finally, even in books, such as The Sartorialist, I noticed that his is not a look that attracts the eye of the photographer. So, my answer is that I am not sure anyone ever bought any of it!
Having joined this site a few months ago and enjoyed the discussion and more than a few purchases, (all of which went great) I feel compelled to comment on what I regard as a rather pervasive level of rudeness in many of the responses to questions. Ballbusting in life every now and then is fine, (I count myself as a ballbuster) but when someone asks a question nicely (and the questions usually are nice), they don't deserve being dumped on, especially by third parties who...
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