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If you wouldn't mind spending only $300+, the "Dart" model I got from Shipton & Heneage aren't bad at all. They have a US website but the shoes are made in and ship from England and they only have one person on the switch. Because she was "on holiday" when I ordered, it took a couple of weeks to get them. They're not the high-end stuff you're used to, but they're not bad, especially since they are hard to find.
Braun 8000 series. Forget triple headers--can't get in and around your nose. But you must be diligent in replacing the cutter and foil head every six months or so. AND you DON'T need the one with the goofy cleaning stand that pumps an alcohol based fluid through the head--it takes up room, is messy and the cartridges are expensive. A simple cleaning with a toothbrush after each use and a spray with an electric razor cleaning and lube spray (the spray only very...
Sleeves are too extreme unless you are in a band, work in a tattoo shop or want a career at Starbuck's at the ass end of a machine. Besides, while it is appropriate to honor persons or things you admire, there is so much tattoo that goes into a sleeve that it looses the "I got this for..." which is the predicate for my tattoos at least. The artist has to fill in with a lot of waves and similar designs that have no meaning--they just fill space. As a matter of interest,...
This has been well-documented for a long time. Generally, however, it pertains to aerobic exercise like running. I wouldn't lift early in the morning and on an empty stomach.
I always tell clients who insist on going to trial--with a jury--to look what the first one did in the OJ case. I know the feeling--when I hear some of the questions I wonder if they were listening at all! But, in all honesty, being a juror is a brutal experience. Good luck with the case.
Yes, the best way, if you are right-handed, is as you are pulling the long end down with your right hand, to push your index finger of your left hand into the tie where you want the dimple to be--roughly, anyway--and pull it tight. I think I saw this in Esquire or GQ's Black Book piece on tie knots. Works pretty well.
I love the Cuiron: bought it several years ago, but it was discontinued. Having a tiny bit left that I nurse, but it has lost some of its strength which is why I am hesitant to buy any "used" product. Where have you found it?
From left to right: go with the third one and forget about the fourth. Good luck--it is a pain in the ass.
I'm with the gift basket from Bath and Bodyworks. Try to pick something fresh smelling (as in not vanilla). Perfume is too personal, in both the sense that you have only been dating for a month AND women (like many men) are particular about fragrance. I bought my wife--and she was with me--a $250 bottle of the Creed Princess Grace scent (I forget the name, "Fluerissimma" or something) and she hardly uses it. I asked her why and she says she only will wear her Coco by...
I don't think so. That's why movies are movies and life is life.
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