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Thanks--I get e-mails from them all the time about nonsense. This would have been one I would have wanted to see.
Navy blazer only and six-button, not four.
Sounds impossible. I have Polo and even Calvin Klein socks from Marshalls as well as Pantherella socks at $25 a clip and this never happens. I think I lose one before they wear out, although now I wash them in a "delicates" mesh bag to avoid this.
Once a benchmark years ago, now easily eclipsed by shoes costing only a few bucks more such as AE.
+ 1
Yes, and I believe LL Bean started it with their "Signature" line. I bought a flannel blazer and matching flannel slacks from them. Not very good but only $300 for the 2 pieces. Both are pretty corny companies, so I give them credit for trying to lure away the J Crew market.
Relax, it's a great suit. If you think it's loud, see this as expanding your horizons. Enjoy it!
It looks fine, but I did note the button-perhaps move it a tad? Also, as a matter of interest, is letting out the sleeves readily done without leaving a semi-permanent crease? Good luck with it.
I have the LL Bean ones and they're fine. Cut pretty full, though. In fact, I'm a 37 and bought 38's and I really need to have them taken in at the waist and narrowed. But they should be good for you.
If you wouldn't mind spending only $300+, the "Dart" model I got from Shipton & Heneage aren't bad at all. They have a US website but the shoes are made in and ship from England and they only have one person on the switch. Because she was "on holiday" when I ordered, it took a couple of weeks to get them. They're not the high-end stuff you're used to, but they're not bad, especially since they are hard to find.
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