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Navy blazer only and six-button, not four.
Sounds impossible. I have Polo and even Calvin Klein socks from Marshalls as well as Pantherella socks at $25 a clip and this never happens. I think I lose one before they wear out, although now I wash them in a "delicates" mesh bag to avoid this.
Once a benchmark years ago, now easily eclipsed by shoes costing only a few bucks more such as AE.
+ 1
Yes, and I believe LL Bean started it with their "Signature" line. I bought a flannel blazer and matching flannel slacks from them. Not very good but only $300 for the 2 pieces. Both are pretty corny companies, so I give them credit for trying to lure away the J Crew market.
Relax, it's a great suit. If you think it's loud, see this as expanding your horizons. Enjoy it!
It looks fine, but I did note the button-perhaps move it a tad? Also, as a matter of interest, is letting out the sleeves readily done without leaving a semi-permanent crease? Good luck with it.
I have the LL Bean ones and they're fine. Cut pretty full, though. In fact, I'm a 37 and bought 38's and I really need to have them taken in at the waist and narrowed. But they should be good for you.
If you wouldn't mind spending only $300+, the "Dart" model I got from Shipton & Heneage aren't bad at all. They have a US website but the shoes are made in and ship from England and they only have one person on the switch. Because she was "on holiday" when I ordered, it took a couple of weeks to get them. They're not the high-end stuff you're used to, but they're not bad, especially since they are hard to find.
Braun 8000 series. Forget triple headers--can't get in and around your nose. But you must be diligent in replacing the cutter and foil head every six months or so. AND you DON'T need the one with the goofy cleaning stand that pumps an alcohol based fluid through the head--it takes up room, is messy and the cartridges are expensive. A simple cleaning with a toothbrush after each use and a spray with an electric razor cleaning and lube spray (the spray only very...
New Posts  All Forums: