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Just finished Ian Frazier's "Travels in Siberia." "New Yorker" readers who know his stuff should not miss it--it is as entertaining as it is exhaustively researched. Now on a Martin Booth kick: His "A Very Private Gentleman" was the basis for the move "The American" with George Clooney. His 'The Industry of Souls" was great and I'm now on to "Hiroshima Joe." Check the reviews on Amazon if you need confirmation. Too bad he died several years ago; he was very prolific...
Presumptuous at best.
In New York, it is crazy to use one but not crazy to have one if you can justify the garage fees to use it to get out of town on weekends
Polo wool glen plaid blazer, ticket-pocketed, double vented, two button, fit me like a custom job and clean as a whistle: $7.95.
After recommending the Braun 8000 I forgot to mention an essential element: use a pre-electric shave lotion like Williams 'Lectric shave. It's alcohol-based and dries out the hairs. For electric shaving you want dry hairs, not wet or moisturized ones, so shave before showering.
Thanks--I get e-mails from them all the time about nonsense. This would have been one I would have wanted to see.
Navy blazer only and six-button, not four.
Sounds impossible. I have Polo and even Calvin Klein socks from Marshalls as well as Pantherella socks at $25 a clip and this never happens. I think I lose one before they wear out, although now I wash them in a "delicates" mesh bag to avoid this.
Once a benchmark years ago, now easily eclipsed by shoes costing only a few bucks more such as AE.
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