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1 and 2 are fine by most standards but not by "SF standards." 3 and 4 are fine, period.
Black is the only way to go. White is corny, red would be cornier and don't do gray unless it's a monochromatic look you're going for. You didn't mention the color of the pants--others will want to know, too.
Why are your pants so long and uncuffed in your "typical style?" The other suit was boring by SF standards but perfectly fine by the other 99.999999999999999% of the population who aren't fucking nuts.
Buy shirts that fit in the neck and have them tailored. You are probably too young for custom and they're not as cheap as some may say or you may want. This is going to be a problem for some time to come so might as well address it head on. Open collars are not a long-term option.
Life is not a dress rehearsal and this is very well thought out, indeed. Fucking go for it!
+1 and maybe move the button in the meantime. You can see it's pulling, right?
+1. You need lace-ups for starters....
Sure, and so is the meat.
The shoes are fine for a guy in your position, whether you overpaid or not. But, unfortunately, asking a sensible question in good faith on this site does not immunize you from abusive responses from assholes. They just like to fuck with people.
P-Diddy, or whatever name he goes by. I admire his business savvy but as far as his music goes, forget it. I think he is better as an actor, actually. But, then I have to say I also think that, his immaculate grooming aside, he is not very good looking or in particularly good shape. I don't know who the hell buys his clothes, either.
New Posts  All Forums: