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Quote: Originally Posted by lee_44106 It's probably that "Brunello Cucinelli" tag and the corresponding price tag. Had it said "Faded Glory" you probably would not give it a second look. Amen to "BC price tag." Not everything the guy makes (or licenses out) is magical and worth the money.
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Traditions are culturally and geographically specific. For the Americans, it's a center vent. For the English, it's a double vent. For the French and the Italians, it may be a double vent or it may be none at all. I prefer a double vent but have all the styles among my various coats. This guy got it right all around!
I doubt you want to go custom made. A standard point collar works well with a pin. See if www.tiebar.com has any. If the spread on the collar is too wide, it will not hold together. Also, I question the use of this accessory--something of an affectation, IMO, especially without a dressy suit. But since most doctors dress like shit, with hideous ties and "comfortable shoes" (plus chinos), you'll stand out for sure! Good luck with it.
Price is decent, but watch the sizing. All of their stuff is cut small, which is typical of English outerwear. I had to upsize on two of their pieces. Check that out carefully, I would suggest.
Another vote for brown and against box toe and for wearing low cut rubbers.
Ugly and junky, and if I know GILT (and I do), probably overpriced vis-a-vis real MSRP anyway.
No sweater, and do you have anything other than brown? Brown is not a first choice for a job interview. You should have a solid stable of blue, gray and pinstripes before getting a brown suit. And please don't buy a green one.
Button down is less dressy. Like many of the posters, I prefer spread with some substance or cutaway. You didn't mention whether you were wearing a jacket. If it is a blazer, button down is okay, but not for a suit. If a dressier sport coat, I generally avoid a BD there as well.
Sorels or Kamiks are the way to go. Key is a thickly-treaded rubber bottom with a felt insulated liner. I believe the rubber boats that posted were Le Chameau wellies, which, being leather lined, are fine for cold rain or minor slush (and also enable you to tuck in your pants. I do wear mine with a tweed overcoat on such days, as they look better than then Sorels or Kamiks I have recommended. But if you are looking at serious snow boots to wear with a down coat or...
Welcome to the club of those who ask perfectly decent questions just to get their balls busted by some of the freaks who inhabit this site and for whom clothes are like crack. Now you know that asking a question about a suit that cost less than $1,000 is asking for trouble. And NEVER ask about shoes unless they are also in the $1,000 price range and you are prepared to discuss the virtues of various "lasts." To answer your question, I bought a few of the regular...
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