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If you can't do it sitting on the floor, you have to sit at a table. I sit on the floor unless I am doing a real tune-up with saddle soap and/or heel and sole edger in which case it's down to the basement sink and workbench. You should find the cause of being unable to sit on your butt comfortably for the 5 minutes it takes to polish a pair, I would think.
The posts seem to be oriented to general health which is fine, but I am assuming you are interested in supplements that will enhance muscle growth. The only one that has been shown to be worthwhile is creatine. Other pre-workout products provide energy but you can get that from coffee or a Red Bull. Look into products by BSN, the #1 supplement maker on bodybuilding sites. Specifically NO Explode (pre) and Cell Mass (post). You can add a good whey protein, but,...
Could be a fake. The Ebay ad is highly suspect, don't you think? If I did this right, here is a link to a guide to Burberry labelling. Used to be "Burberrys" but, apparently, that changed about nine years ago. Check this out: http://reviews.ebay.com/Burberrys-BU...00000004206383
I got the J Crew Timex one as a gift. I have about a dozen nice watches so I never wear it--it's kind of dinky, and I have a small wrist, too. Also, the watch band set up will NEVER fit you--it is way too long, so you will need an aftermarket strap that fits (I got 3 of the J Crew ones with mine and chucked them all). If you want to browse some nice watches, go to www.watchuseek.com, a website where watch guys buy and sell. You can get some great deals and there are...
For the money and if you have lean legs and no ass and prefer something dark and pretty stiff, I recommend Levi's 514 Slim Straight Rigid. $98 on the website if they have your size. I have a 31" inseam and buy a 34" length so I can cuff them around 2 inches and show the seam. Don't overwash them though, but do wash them before you wear them, especially on light colored furniture. And I don't mind the fact that they have a zipper. When you're my age, fiddling with...
You'll quickly learn that more than a few members are more interested in using the site to break balls than be helpful. I think it derives in part from an unhealthy obsession with clothes as well as certain other personality disorders.
I had asked about "suede + suede" and consensus was too matchy-matchy, which I agree with. I agree with "not with a suit," especially a dressy one. I was lucky enough to score an alligator at half price from Brooks Bros., so I have that in my pocket as an all-around.
It's not bad at all, although it does look like if you tried to cup the hem around your closed hand it would not pass the "meet the second knuckle test." But I think you can wear it and be fine, especially if you got a good deal on it.
I think black is the only choice. Now stand by for "burn it" responses from others.
I bitched about Gilt's bullshit MSRP's and all I got was shit from some ball buster. Just a warning.
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