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I think black is the only choice. Now stand by for "burn it" responses from others.
I bitched about Gilt's bullshit MSRP's and all I got was shit from some ball buster. Just a warning.
It is such an awesome coat from a terrific show, worn by a great actor. I think you will never regret keeping it, but you will surely regret selling it. Enjoy!
Quote: Originally Posted by iheartangels Haven't heard too much about this brand. This one looks nice though: http://www.isozaki-tokei.com/im/8884e.jpg Yes, that would be an excellent choice. And notice it's an automatic, not a quartz. To be frank, a cheap quartz keeps better time than a good auto, but it's the difference between a real watch made of real components or a $20 quartz. I definitely like the look of this watch. Good luck.
P.S.: Noticed someone posted Louis Erard and that's an EXCELLENT recommendation.
I don't know if you want dressy or casual but for casual, Glycine has some very attractive options in their "Combat" and "Incursore" lines. The other recommendations are going to be too expensive. And if you find a Rolex for $500, it will be one that has been run over by a train. Also, go to www.watchuseek.com, a website where watch nuts buy and sell. I have bought 5 or 6 watches from guys there, all at great prices.
Suit looks great. In the interest of being nice, I'll say that I believe the shirt cuff treatment gets points for originality. Has anyone ever seen this before?
Striped tie just doesn't look good. I have a similar gingham shirt and always wear a solid knit tie. Nothing else has seemed to work - the shirt just has too much going on. But based on your dot combo, I will try it, so thanks!
Pea coat. I found the Polo one to be the nicest fitting (for under $500) but the buttons are sewn on for shit. Also, Spiewak (maker of original pea coat I think) has some decent casual styles and you can find them on Zappos.
Used to use them. Had a leaker. End of story for me.
New Posts  All Forums: