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Great movie. Loved the gaggle of ghouls that played Micky's Mom and sisters. I am sure the Mom was a professional but those sisters were definitely cast from locals, IMO. I also read that Wahlberg has said that as he was doing his last six (yes, 6) movies, he was secretely preparing for this one, getting to the gym for a three-hour workout before he was due on set so he could be as realistic as possible. And Bale never ceases to amaze, even though he is kind of a nut...
I am first recommending books by Martin Booth, a prolific (if late bloomer) British writer who died in 2004 at the age of 59. His work came to light recently with the release of "The American" with George Clooney, based on his book "A Very Private Gentleman." The book is great. I then moved on to "The Industry of Souls" which was short-listed for the Booker prize, and then cruised through several works based upon Booth's upbringing in Hong Kong and deep familiarity with...
PM sent on Polo suit.
Can the charcoal shirt if you must wear a tie, period. Go with a white shirt and a dressy tie that pairs well with a black suit. A silver tie is an option, but it can make you look like a movie star who eschews "black tie" in the true formal sense at the Oscars. I have some patterned ties on black background and they go fine with my black suit. I wear it to "black tie optional events" which, where I live, means a green checked sport coat, yellow shirt and tassel...
If anything, the width of the knot appears to be a little big for the dimensions of the collar as the collar is not a full spread and the points are not that long. To my eye, the knot appears to be straining against the collar. I can't see going any bigger.
You are not heading in the right direction, young man. What you are doing is unheard of and it will put a strain on your young system. Also, even if you gain a lot of body fat, you can't turn fat into muscle, so nix that idea. Fat and muscle are two different types of tissue. Talk this over with your doctor, or, better yet, see a nutrionist.
Quote: Originally Posted by downwithianbrown yeah, the problem is that its the aluminum that stains the shirts and the aluminum that prevents the perspiration. I don't believe it is this simple, but just imagine you took a piece of metal, wet it every day, and left it on some fabric, it would rust and discolor, so the yellow isnt from urea or sweat, but from the aluminum. this may sound over the top, or too "gay" for some, but I had the same problem...
Weleda spray. Recommend the sage scent. Got the idea from Glenn O'Brien, the style guy at GQ and haven't used anything else since. They make a great salt toothpaste, too, but since it's brown, it lacks a certain visual appeal.
A true pioneer. I just read his list of "10 Greatest Achievements." Also saw the "face exercises" video. Do they work? That's one body part I don't hit!
It will be very hard and VERY hard to maintain. So, have you considered hiring a nutritionist, even an on-line one that works with bodybuilders and celebrities? Try Chris Aceto.
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