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You must be careful about vintage watches unless they have been recently completely worked over. I bought one that was represented as keeping good time and it took me $250 to get it to do so. Watches are finicky and don't age well. I recommend a good value automatic such as a Louis Erard which have a nice price point at about $650 (US). Also, if you want a quality used watch (not vintage but gently worn, usually), I recommend a website: www.watchuseek.com I have...
I have bought more than a few items there and, never having had a reason to return anything, was there mostly for the customer service. I brought my 85-year old father in for two new suits in the $500-$700 range and I don't think the salesman could have been nicer, even with my mother bitching about how the pants fit him in his (non-existent) ass. The salesman and the tailor were exceedingly accomodating to her complaints and my Dad's needs. Alas, he only needed the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Doctor Can any of you Chippewa owners shed light on the sizing? I usually get a size 14E in brands like Alden. Unfortunately the Chippewa boot I want only comes in 14EE or 14D. What are my chances of getting away with a 14D? I *hate* narrow shoes, but I read somewhere that the Chip's may run a bit large. Have to say they look brilliant in terms of aesthetics and craftsmanship. A tad wide, but not enough if you...
I have two pairs of this brand and they are fine boots. Also, made in USA, but it always pays to check with each model at each purchase.
I like cashmere myself. The "heavier" options you have mentioned will likely be too warm and too bulky. You can probably even get away with unlined if the leather is thick enough, so long as it's not too cold and you're on the move.
Good for you. What is your goal? I ask because it might be time to step it up and take it to the next level. Do you think you gained any muscle? If you're training with weights (hard, that is) best measure is not the actual bodyweight but how your pants fit. Fuck the haters, you keep it up, my man.
Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja I searched and some said yes and most said no. Couldn't I get the shirt wet and pull? One of my nicest dress shirt collars is really tight on my neck or maybe my neck got fatter. I don't know. Thoughts please? Cheers No, but you can buy those corny button extenders, with a button and a loop that will give you about 3/8". You will have a time covering it with a wide enough knot and it still...
Not getting any love from me either.
White shirt and silver tie would dress it up IMO.
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr. Lee PM sent on the cream t-neck. Duh, meant "v-neck."
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