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Quote: Originally Posted by TheIdler +1 on Ian Frazier, especially Great Plains. Will check out Martin Booth, thanks for the rec. Sure thing. Loved Great Plains. Can you believe how much time this guy spends on research while still maintaining a tremendous wit? For a quick read, check out "Lamentations of the Father," bunch of essays.
The Prince's look is awesome. Good luck finding it if you live up here (Upstate New York, where I also live.) I assume you are headed for NYC for it at a minimum. Wedding sounds lovely: Geneva on the Lake, perhaps? Congratulations and best wishes.
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one Jaeger LeCoultre Master Control 40, brown band list at $5600 ? +1 on the JLCMC.
Another vote for Lloyd's (the lace-up, right?) Not a fan of the tassel wingtip, else I would own a pair.
Probably not the best site to post this question. This brand is not going to get a lot of love here. I think most of their stuff--even their ads--looks like shit. They just never developed a solid brand.
Noticed the same thing. Hardly even look at it anymore, as it's always the same shit. Mostly just read Glenn O'Brien's column since he's a pisser and always right-on. GQ = Guy in a too small khaki suit, plaid shirt, striped tie and a tie bar. Even when they redress the pathetic guys in the too-large pleated chinos and corny wide leather jacket, they strap them in too-small clothes. Funny thing is that if you compare any of their model shoots to their advertising, none...
The spit shine derives from the military and is generally used in conjunction with a high-gloss "parade" model of the Kiwi brand of polish. Adding moisture adds a little exta shine. Spitting is a handy way to supply it. I use Meltonian cream (I know many SF'rs deride it as cheap, but it has been around a while is more readily available than some brands I have seen recommmended) and yes, I will spit on the area of the toe prior to buffing. I suppose a mister with water...
Nah, not with a pane of this width, which is almost a solid or neutral. I would go for a more densely striped shirt, though and definitely not a tattersall or anything having anything horizontal going on. Could probably even pair with a paisley tie, but that might be too much.
Highly recommend a bottle of Lexol ($5-6) and a tin of Kiwi ($2) and you are good to go. Combine them with a rag and a horsehair brush ($10) and you have the start of a shoe shine kit that will last you for years. +1 on this for a college kid. You don't need to be spending money on (or even learning about) obscure and expensive shoe polish. Meltonian is a creme (cream?) and works fine. Cremes have more luster and less shine than wax-based polishes such as Kiwi, but...
I join in the comment about the width on the buttons. The top two look like they are going fall right on your 'nips. Something odd about their placement. I don't see anything wrong it being Navy--may not be unique enough for the SF crowd but has served the other 99.99999999% of the population very well over the years. Overall, I am not thrilled with the appearance. Sorry.
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