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Initially, you must free his grasp. Do so by raising up your hands, crossing them between the forearms and wrists (depending on how close you are) and coming down hard on his forearm/wrist. The heel of the palm to the nose, as suggested, is generally the best strike after. I have only had my tie grabbed by strippers.
Looks nice. If I did the conversion right, about $1,100+ USD. Seems a little expensive, so if you get it, give it the onceover pretty good so you can determine quality v. price, as the previous poster has noted.
Hell of I know, but, having bought some regular beads from you, you know I'm down for some of these if you can source the goods.
You might ask your cobbler if mineral spirits (my Dad used to call it "safety solvent") would work to remove it. This has the effect of stripping. Could be too extreme?
Quote: Originally Posted by Bentley Thanks for all of the advice. This has been really helpful. I'll let you know what we decide and how the interview goes. Any other thoughts/suggestions are welcome. My 24-year old showed up for his interview at a huge outdoor sporting company out west (he moved from NY) in the Polo suit/shirt/tie and AE's I bought him and the first thing the interviewer (male) said was something akin to "great...
Quote: Originally Posted by weathernut123 I know...I would have DEFINITELY gone with the 38R instead of 36R, but it wasn't available in that size. Right now, I'm only hoping that if it fit the model nicely (see pictures above), hopefully, it'll fit me as well. I'm not going to bother with alterations...if it doesn't fit, back it goes. +1 on that. Don't bother! Good luck.
Sounds like too much tailoring for me.
I think you are John Heder. I would go with larger, generally rectangular shape with a regular width temple. Zegna makes some nice styles. Avoid smaller rectangular with thick temples and avoid colored trim at all costs. Also avoid the ones Heder is wearing and anything circular.
Quote: Originally Posted by fuzzywazzy The scarf is not attractive to me, I am sorry. The pattern looks like something I usually in kitchens. Try searching for another style. Now that you mentioned it, it does remind one of the pants worn by kitchen staff. Keep looking, I say.
I would say those are exactly the outfits I put my boys in when they were 15 for with jackets and ties and khaki or gray pants, but only for weddings and funerals. For a job like this I think a button-down with a tie and khakis (non-school uniform kind) would be find. Jacket is pushing it IMO.
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