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It's a longer version of a Pea Coat. Definitely military inspired. Fits okay but those roped shoulders look kind of extreme--they are sticking up pretty high. BUT, since it was a gift, be gracious and wear it, even if a little. That's kind of a policy I have unless the fit is way off, and this one is not by any means.
1. Sue in small claims court. 2. Find a new cleaner. 3. Always assume a dry cleaner will wreck a tie. I have read about an outfit called "Tiecrafters" that is supposed to be good. I think they have a minimum of 3 ties. Personally, I tuck my tie into my shirt whenever I eat. If it gets stained, I assume it's shot.
Okay, guys, heads up: this coat is a fabulous coat at an even more fabulous price and from a great seller who was a pleasure to deal with. I know because I bought a similar camel Polo from this seller. And as for fit, the coat I bought was a 46R and, as promised, it fit my 44R size with a suit on to a "T". I can't believe someone has not snagged this. I would pick it up myself but my coat closet is busting to the seams. I know this site is not replete with guys who...
Brother in law had an AMG, bought used with more miles--not sure of the exact model. Said every trip to the dealer was a minimum of a grand. But if it's CPO and you have a good warranty, give it a shot and just remember to unload before the warranty is up. It's a hot-shit car!
Check out the real "aviators" offered by American Optical, available in any good Army/Navy store for $50 and J Peterman for a little more. Good enough for USAF fighter pilots, good enough for me. Sunglasses are such bullshit and these do the job perfectly. I could kill my boys for what they spend on sunglasses but plead guilty to enabling.
Stand by about 56 Persol recommendations...
Quote: Originally Posted by DerekS i wear mine with dark jeans, white shirt, and cardigan. or i also wear em with maroon trousers, navy DB blazer, and tie. seems these are literally the only 2 combos i wear them with. Uh, me too except the trou are GTH red cords. Hope we don't show up at the same place together!
The Omega is so much cheaper and for scuba don't you need a "watch" that is actually a dive computer, like the Tusa, for around $400? My 19-year old just got certified and the instructor said it was essential. And as for the Omega, I prefer the Seamaster Pro. The "Speed" reminds me of space and I prefer the dive look and bracelet of the SMP.
That's because it is. They try to lure in guys on a budget (or cheap guys) shirt deals, like 4 for $99 but their shirts are shit. A friend of mine bought some, so I am telling you from experience. Their ties are generally hideous.. okay, enough.
If you're actually poor, I think the SMP is just fine and no need to "upgrade" to the PO for another G. It's a lovely watch, but I think what you've got (I have one myself although on the bracelet you see on the PO, which I definitely prefer) is a great watch.
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