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Without even looking past the first jacket you selected, I would suggest you check out the Schott line of jackets, which are the original USA-made motorcycle jackets. You can get a hell of a cafe racer style jacket for around $500 as well as several other longer styles. You'll need to go the website to check them out and then if you see something you like, e-mail customer service and see if they have your size. You will also want to discuss with them your sizing and fit...
Quote: Originally Posted by laufer I am considering ordering some shoes from S&H. Does anybody know how do they ship. What service they use. I refuse to use FEDEX and UPS due to their outrageous fees I bought two pairs of shoes from them and I recall the shipping was via Fed Ex and did not seem outrageous. You should ask. The shoes were fine and the only downside was that the on-line service was down for about a week because the person who...
If Spoo says it's legit, you may allay all concerns.
Hard to tell who started the ballbreaking but I am leaning 68% toward you. You should have ignored the listing rather than respond with a provocative question. In fact, make that 79%. Time to shut this one down as you are just going to get abuse on this site. Many questions just lead to sarcastic replies intended to insult the poster rather than provide helpful answers and you have walked right into this crossfire, my man.
+1 on the anti-half zip and the ugly colors comments. Sorry.
PM sent on bag.
It's a longer version of a Pea Coat. Definitely military inspired. Fits okay but those roped shoulders look kind of extreme--they are sticking up pretty high. BUT, since it was a gift, be gracious and wear it, even if a little. That's kind of a policy I have unless the fit is way off, and this one is not by any means.
1. Sue in small claims court. 2. Find a new cleaner. 3. Always assume a dry cleaner will wreck a tie. I have read about an outfit called "Tiecrafters" that is supposed to be good. I think they have a minimum of 3 ties. Personally, I tuck my tie into my shirt whenever I eat. If it gets stained, I assume it's shot.
Okay, guys, heads up: this coat is a fabulous coat at an even more fabulous price and from a great seller who was a pleasure to deal with. I know because I bought a similar camel Polo from this seller. And as for fit, the coat I bought was a 46R and, as promised, it fit my 44R size with a suit on to a "T". I can't believe someone has not snagged this. I would pick it up myself but my coat closet is busting to the seams. I know this site is not replete with guys who...
Brother in law had an AMG, bought used with more miles--not sure of the exact model. Said every trip to the dealer was a minimum of a grand. But if it's CPO and you have a good warranty, give it a shot and just remember to unload before the warranty is up. It's a hot-shit car!
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