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Anyone have sizing instructions on MMM GATs/High-Tops? I'm an 8.5 US, should I size up or down?
Just grabbed a pair of the 666ods, here are some fit pics (they're clickable!).
Quote: Originally Posted by CyanideDragon Does anyone actually own a pic and have pics to share? I've got these: I'll try to post a pic later today.
Got a pair of black New Standards in 29 and 3sixteen ST-100x in indigo in 29 that I'm willing to sell/perhaps trade. PM me.
Anyone own the stadium jacket in the brownish color and wouldn't mind posting a few fit pics? or ?
Anyone know where I can get a nice wallet rein that isn't too expensive? So much as I'd like to buy a $150 one from Self Edge, I'm not sure if I can justify it.
I don't mean to bother, but is the peach supposed to be $85 too?
Hey Gary, Thanks for the help yesterday, I bought the shirt and scarf. Really great selection, and can't beat the prices, especially with the sale on. If those red chambray shirts ever go on sale please please please let me know. Hell, I may be back soon to pick one up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Gmas ^^^ I know most places in Toronto are sold out of Chilliwacks and Yukons in smaller sizes and won't be receiving more until next year now. Uncle Otis here carries the Japanese line - you could try contacting them and see if they could locate one for you. Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol yeah man, unless you have very broad shoulders consider getting the Japanese...
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