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Santoni Goodyear Rovesciato in Wild Orchid
Thanks guys! Sorry for the late reply
They fit ok but the V area appears the same. Should I return this shoes or keep it?
Hi guys, I need your opinions on how these C&J Drummond fit on me. Do you think the instep area is too big? The shoe fits me nice in terms of width. Should the V area (I don't know what you call them, the gap where you put on the laces) on the shoes open up more when wearing it or is it normal to look like how it is on my feet? Thanks in advance
Hi guys I have a couple of shoes for sale. If you guys have any questions, feel free to PM me or email me. My PayPal address is and please add 3% on top of the price. Shipping is included. Only To Boot New York shoes does not come with shoe trees. 01. Alden Medallion Tip Bal Oxford on Copley Last Size 8E in Cognac Worn 7 times, always stored with shoe tree and bags after worn. Comes with box, bags, and shoe tree $155 shipped CONUS 02....
mine are actually dark brown misty, although in the photos they look black
I'm going to order my first John Lobb St. Crepin tonight at South Coast Plaza. I'm super excited, but the 5 months wait is going to kill me slowly .
xudisco07 is an awesome seller!
Payment sent, please check your email and PM.
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