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Wow.....I just clicked quote and realized this post is 4 years's some pics of belts with "designs" and cool buckles.....I made them.Cheers,Ryan @
Thank you.
Yeah, if you could handle the ride, I'd def slam the seat down onto the frame (if I kept the stock seat). Shorter springs will give you nothing but trouble. Stock springs are 3", anything shorter and you'll bottom out anywhere you go. Just my 2 cents.....sweet bike tho.
I've put a ton of my 15x11" and 16x12" seats on these Harley the bike, but I've had so many customers buy the bike brand new and immediately replace that thick spring seat.....a lot of guys don't like sitting so high on that particular bike....GREAT PIC by the way....for an iphone pic! Ryan @ Anvil
Portfolios..... Ryan @ Anvil
Ryan @ Anvil
Whisky Bottle Holsters.... Ryan @ Anvil
The Sciatic Nerve. The common source of back pain. The thick wallet. The common source of back pain. How about wearing a wallet (while driving) that won't be such a pain in the back side? Post up pics of your SLIM, SIMPLE wallets. These would be wallets that by design are simple and thus are probably skinny (slim). Here are a couple..... Ryan @ Anvil
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