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Those speedies are beautiful. I had one several years ago, and I miss it very much. Unfortunately, I won't be getting one again anytime soon, as my planet ocean co axial just died on me after 3 years. Seems a bit early... Anyhow, goodbye $500.
I feel the same way. Also, maybe because I'm shorter than average, I have a hard time donning those giant lapels.I do love his designs for the most part though. Can't think of any better brand to represent Bond.
Mind blown.... What the.
Anyone else notice that their local J.Crew is now stacking C&Js? I thought that partnership ended a while back?
I stay away from pinky rings and velvet top hats.
I'd certainly rock a well-fitted camel coat. I think they look great, and I've been coveting one for a while. Again, just like everyone else, I'd rather stick with charcoal, navy, or black as a 1st coat though.
Would have loved to get involved with this, but I'm stuck at the Seattle airport. Have fun out there fellas, and would love to know when/where the next one is.
Decent quality, and the fit works for me. They could last you several years just fine from my experience. As for whether they are worth the price? To me, only on sale.
Purging your closet can actually be fun.
Should still be free.
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