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Allow me to bump my post count by one: Collar: You're wearing a casual shirt, so chances are various and precise collar styles you see on dress shirts are out. I think the club collars floating around jcrew these days are ridiculous. Button-down collars are nice because they stay in one place. But uh, point collars are fine too? Bottom of the shirts are generally round...? Flat-bottomed shirts tend to be wide and of the Hawaiian or bowling style. If that's your thing,...
Thought about doing this. I live on Long Island Sound and my 501s just get a little wet and sandy through daily wear on the beach. Figure that over time the lower 5 inches might just absorb some salt and take on a lighter color. Going to look silly, but, hey, that's fine. Good to know pure ocean has a positive effect. My mom told me that, as a teenager, going into the ocean then rolling around on the beach was how she broke in a new pair of jeans. So I think I'll do it...
EMY-- All merrels I've owned wore quickly on pavement. But that may be because I tried to making hiking sneakers into sneakers. I only wear my chameleons on the trail now. The leather on all merrels I've had is inferior to that on my katahdins, though I've never had boots by them. Anyway, I love my katahdins more than any pair of boots or shoes i have or have had. I think the styling is more versatile than those merrels--the padded cuff and lugs make them seem a little...
Several students the other day commented about how I resemble Dr. Who. I do not watch the show, so the comment didn't mean much to me, but I'm familiar enough to have guessed at the identity of the man below. As it happens I got my first tweed jacket over the weekend. And I just ordered a few more bow ties. So it looks like I'll resemble Dr. Who more than before now, for better or worse.
I too am surprised. I wonder how much wear is attributed to the tightness of the jeans commonly worn here, relative to, say, a pair of loose gap jeans worn for lawn mowing. I imagine the strain and friction is far greater when the fabric is more frequently in contact with the skin.
I am yet to see anyone in a suit save the administrators. Which I am for. Teacher style is a fun thing to partake in. I imagine I'll get more regular use from my corduroy jacket or blue cotton blazer than most people who own the equivalent but work in a more formal setting. Simply tucking in a shirt goes far here.
Anyone have experience with Dockers Corduroys? Good buy at discount? And does any one have experience taking the logo off? A small detail, but the logos bug be. It's much of the reason I buy pants at the gap. http://us.dockers.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11790324&cp=&sr=1&kw=corduroy&origkw=corduroy&parentPage=search
Been digging for cords myself. Here are some things I found, for those not looking to drop a bunch of money: Cords at the gap are too slim for my taste and are 50% polyester. Cords at LL Bean fit true to size and can be had for a 30w online (Wasn't available in my local store). 100% cotton if I remember, and a higher rise than the gap. I like the looser fit, because, hey, they're cords. I'm looking for corduroys of the trouser variety; that is, without traditional 5...
I saw something flattish at EMS for $3.00. http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3654409.
Just wanted to pop in and point out that Eastern Mountain Sports carries approximate replacement laces for $3.00. Brown and waxed, do the trick.
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