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Thought about doing this. I live on Long Island Sound and my 501s just get a little wet and sandy through daily wear on the beach. Figure that over time the lower 5 inches might just absorb some salt and take on a lighter color. Going to look silly, but, hey, that's fine. Good to know pure ocean has a positive effect. My mom told me that, as a teenager, going into the ocean then rolling around on the beach was how she broke in a new pair of jeans. So I think I'll do it...
EMY-- All merrels I've owned wore quickly on pavement. But that may be because I tried to making hiking sneakers into sneakers. I only wear my chameleons on the trail now. The leather on all merrels I've had is inferior to that on my katahdins, though I've never had boots by them. Anyway, I love my katahdins more than any pair of boots or shoes i have or have had. I think the styling is more versatile than those merrels--the padded cuff and lugs make them seem a little...
Several students the other day commented about how I resemble Dr. Who. I do not watch the show, so the comment didn't mean much to me, but I'm familiar enough to have guessed at the identity of the man below. As it happens I got my first tweed jacket over the weekend. And I just ordered a few more bow ties. So it looks like I'll resemble Dr. Who more than before now, for better or worse.
I too am surprised. I wonder how much wear is attributed to the tightness of the jeans commonly worn here, relative to, say, a pair of loose gap jeans worn for lawn mowing. I imagine the strain and friction is far greater when the fabric is more frequently in contact with the skin.
I am yet to see anyone in a suit save the administrators. Which I am for. Teacher style is a fun thing to partake in. I imagine I'll get more regular use from my corduroy jacket or blue cotton blazer than most people who own the equivalent but work in a more formal setting. Simply tucking in a shirt goes far here.
Anyone have experience with Dockers Corduroys? Good buy at discount? And does any one have experience taking the logo off? A small detail, but the logos bug be. It's much of the reason I buy pants at the gap. http://us.dockers.com/product/index.jsp?productId=11790324&cp=&sr=1&kw=corduroy&origkw=corduroy&parentPage=search
Been digging for cords myself. Here are some things I found, for those not looking to drop a bunch of money: Cords at the gap are too slim for my taste and are 50% polyester. Cords at LL Bean fit true to size and can be had for a 30w online (Wasn't available in my local store). 100% cotton if I remember, and a higher rise than the gap. I like the looser fit, because, hey, they're cords. I'm looking for corduroys of the trouser variety; that is, without traditional 5...
I saw something flattish at EMS for $3.00. http://www.ems.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3654409.
Just wanted to pop in and point out that Eastern Mountain Sports carries approximate replacement laces for $3.00. Brown and waxed, do the trick.
The first week of school went well. As a young teacher I find dressing well goes far to keep a bit of professional distance between you and the students, but also makes you seem a little more real, for lack of a better word. You look comfortable in your position, like you belong, and the kids appreciate that you appear to take your position seriously. Student attitude will often reflect teacher attitude, and appearance plays a role in that.
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