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I will respond on the assumption that by business shirt you mean dress shirt and by casual environment you mean environment where so-called streetwear is appropriate. Really what I mean is that I'm going to pretend you asked is, "Can I wear a dress shirt to the bar on Saturdays?" And to this I reply "Yes, you can. But I recommend wearing dress pants and dress shoes and a jacket, and and that point, well, as everyone else says, you're better off in the men's clothing...
I am wearing some as we speak. I was outside today a bit, and while it wasn't winter weather I couldn't feel the wind through them. I wouldn't call the fabric thick, but it's warmer than your average khaki and chino.
It was the moment I said "I'll get these for now and grab the oak streets in a couple years when I can afford it."Which is to say, "I'll spend an extra hundred dollars to wait a couple years."
No trollo. The callaways comment was ironic. (Eh? Drive you mad, no? How'd he wedge that in there?)The shoes comment was not. I did just buy shoes and now regret it a little bit.
I'm having the buyer's remorse on those Sebagos. Snap decision, and now just sitting around feeling cheap and un-american. Thanks a lot, styleforum. Looks like I'm out 6$ in return shipping.
There is 30% off all men's items at last call by neiman marcus, which seems like a good place to go if you want unusually patterned though well-constructed house brand dress shirts for 35$, or some Callaway polos. I picked up these sebagos for 100$, this after trying to convince myself I could afford a pair of oak street trail moccasins. I feel like I paid about what they're worth.
Thanks y'all. One of these weekends I need to get to NYC...no Club Monaco and the like around where I'm from. Any one have experience with MTM oxfords in the metro NY area? I'm in southern CT at the moment, but if I can get that done for a little bit more than I'd spend at BB I'd consider making an adventure out of it. Thought about picking up some oxfords from LEC during the fall sale but the collar kept me away. I need something to wear with a tie half the time; as a...
I'm looking to buy a couple oxford shirts for regular and versatile use. My hope is to find a few that I can get now, then wash and live in myself. But J Crew, Lands End Canvas, LL Bean Signature, and Rugby all advertise the washed and lived-in look of their oxfords. They're taking the fun out of it, or at least what I assume is the fun out of it. Not had the chance to wash and live in a new and quality oxford thus far in my life. So does anyone here recommend a brand of...
New releases up on the site. Nothing strikes as me as desirable, even in a "I can't wait until this goes on sale!" kind of way. Curious to hear how others feel; I'm not one to take chances with outerwear. http://www.llbean.com/llbeansignature/llb/shop/508733?page=new&subrnd=1&nav=sigsn-20
Hi there, I am looking to never wear another pair of Rockports, but I am also on a budget. So used but quality seems the way to go. I have a short, wide foot. I am looking for size 7E or 7EE. My bare foot on a ruler is about 4", +/- a 16th of an inch, at its widest. For comparison: On my feet are a pair of size 7 chucks. I can get my foot in them, but i deliberately skip the second eye-hole when I lace them and cannot tie them too tight. I have a pair of Katahdin boots...
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