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Regarding the heritage oxford shirts (http://canvas.landsend.com/pp/the-heritage-oxford-shirt~203146_-1.html?bcc=y&action=order_more&sku_0=::BLU&CM_MERCH=IDX_men-_-shirts-&origin=index): So. Sometime around November I ordered a light emerald and a yellow daisy oxford shirt. The light emerald was put on back order, the yellow daisy arrived in a week. When the yellow daisy arrived I tried it on and said "This will never do." It was too big, particularly in the sleeves. I...
The over long sleeves occur for me on my J Crew wool sweaters as well. Personally I don't want the cardigan to be particularly snug--certainly not as snug as the shirts. Somewhere between snug and old man; the kind of thing I can take on and off with relative ease. But I guess if small existed I would order that first and exchange if necessary, not the other way around. I'm 5'8" 145, if that's anything. Any one with suggestions for comparably priced lambswool cardigans...
Can any one report on the sizing of Rugby cardigans? I'm looking at the elbow patch cardigan but they only have it in medium. I'm a small with Rugby shirts, but not by much. Does any one know whether the sweaters are generously proportioned, or should I be fine if not better off sizing up?
How true-to-size is the neck measurement? To the tape, a 15.5 fits me best, but I wear smalls from J. Crew/BR--published as a 14-14.5 neck--with no real problem. If the neck seems a bit forgiving then these look ideal.
I'm in the same boat. But I'll say that for the money, J. Crew is my go-to store for wool products. I get most of my sweaters from them, and it seems the only place to get a 100% wool cardigan for a reasonable price (With sale prices they can be had for under 50$). That said, this winter they seemed to have exclusively shawl collars, which do not appeal to me, and the few basic ones they had were out of my size by the time the sales hit. If you're looking to drop 100,...
Was it this? http://www.styleforum.net/t/235763/the-official-and-awesome-diy-thread/165#post_4700733If so, looks like its a DIY project.
I will respond on the assumption that by business shirt you mean dress shirt and by casual environment you mean environment where so-called streetwear is appropriate. Really what I mean is that I'm going to pretend you asked is, "Can I wear a dress shirt to the bar on Saturdays?" And to this I reply "Yes, you can. But I recommend wearing dress pants and dress shoes and a jacket, and and that point, well, as everyone else says, you're better off in the men's clothing...
I am wearing some as we speak. I was outside today a bit, and while it wasn't winter weather I couldn't feel the wind through them. I wouldn't call the fabric thick, but it's warmer than your average khaki and chino.
It was the moment I said "I'll get these for now and grab the oak streets in a couple years when I can afford it."Which is to say, "I'll spend an extra hundred dollars to wait a couple years."
No trollo. The callaways comment was ironic. (Eh? Drive you mad, no? How'd he wedge that in there?)The shoes comment was not. I did just buy shoes and now regret it a little bit.
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