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They fit large. I am 5' 8", 145. I do not buy shirts from LL Bean because their smallest size does not fit me.
Go no logo! And Unbutton the bottom button on the button up cardigans. Pulls awkwardly and Edward VII was fat. Seem to fit well though. Also, footwear.
That's the cup of a carpenter.
Someone earlier in this post described a grail item as something that may not exist but which you've envisioned. So here goes. This style print: At this density on this color shirt: Not in a position to afford either, but would love to see something similar to what I have in mind. Frankly I'm warming up to the chambray as I look at it.
Anyone have experience with ONLY NYC? http://onlynylives.com/item/chino-work-pant--wheat Looks like they generally concern themselves with graphic tees and hats and such. But they also offer a Made in USA chino pant for under 100$, 8oz cotton and no frills.
I second this.As for your initial question, ACarlton:I posted a bit earlier this month with a similar concern, but the fact is I'd now rather have the versatility to wear them with wool than not.I'll also say, for any one else who is new to nice things and wants the input of a fellow rookie, that a shoe tree makes a big difference with these. I didn't get a set until I had these for a couple weeks, but they do a lot to return the shoe to it's original shape. After the...
Tell me how it's done!
Also, Teaching high school English is a lot of fun. It is also wildly stressful if you care about people. It's tough to worry about and help improve the future of 120 kids and then find time to relax on the weekends.
Well hello,I do not know how this works in other states. So I'll base my comments on personal experience. In my state a Master of Arts Degree is required within a few years after you begin teaching. So you pretty much need a master's degree to be a teacher.Also, you need some degree or other in education. If you do not have a bachelor's in education, you need a masters in education or in teaching. But if you have a BS in education, than your masters can be in your subject...
So I got a pair of trail oxfords. They're wonderful. All sorts of impressive craftsmanship and the like. And the leather! This is my first luxury item. The leather quality blows me away; I regret the money I'll spend in the future on similar products. Anyway: I've been wearing my vibram oxfords for a couple weeks. I'm fairly certain they're too big--bit of slippage in the heel, even with wool socks. Instep and width feels good, but I imagine a smaller size would simply...
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