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Thanks for the response. I received them today and compared them to STF 501s I'm wearing at the moment. The quality is far superior, as one would expect. So that's fun to see and a nice confirmation that I get what I pay for. Good to know there are indeed factories in the USA; that's just peace of mind more than anything else. My attention now has shifted the Rogue Territory Stanton. I think Ill keep up the search for a bit.
Does anyone know anything about Levis mainline made-in-usa manufacturing? Is it USA or USA (And territories)? Google's failed me much. Just ordered a pair of cone mills 501s on sale, but am starting to second guess myself; thinking maybe I should get something a little more artisan for a little more money. Knowing the process is an appeal for me, but the Levis were 125. Thanks much.
Picked up a pair of selvedge made in the USA 501s during the current sale. Anyone happen to know where they are made? Is this a made in the USA (And Territories) made in the USA kinda thing? That matters to me, for whatever reason. Also, thoughts on those? They were 125 on the discount, but I'm having second thoughts and might save up for a Tellason/3sixteen. Thanks all. Regarding STFs in odd colors inquired about on here: There is an independet marshalls-style...
I'm at a point where I buy slowly and of quality, but I also know I'll never be at the point where I only buy nice things--just a few items here and there. Where do chinos rank on the versatility/durability spectrum? My perception of that spectrum goes something like this: Shoes/Leather Goods Outerwear Denim ... ... ... Teeshirts Socks Underwear Shoes and outerwear I'm good with at the moment, and I'm not going to replace my shrink-to-fits until I have to. Where do...
They fit large. I am 5' 8", 145. I do not buy shirts from LL Bean because their smallest size does not fit me.
Go no logo! And Unbutton the bottom button on the button up cardigans. Pulls awkwardly and Edward VII was fat. Seem to fit well though. Also, footwear.
That's the cup of a carpenter.
Someone earlier in this post described a grail item as something that may not exist but which you've envisioned. So here goes. This style print: At this density on this color shirt: Not in a position to afford either, but would love to see something similar to what I have in mind. Frankly I'm warming up to the chambray as I look at it.
Anyone have experience with ONLY NYC? http://onlynylives.com/item/chino-work-pant--wheat Looks like they generally concern themselves with graphic tees and hats and such. But they also offer a Made in USA chino pant for under 100$, 8oz cotton and no frills.
I second this.As for your initial question, ACarlton:I posted a bit earlier this month with a similar concern, but the fact is I'd now rather have the versatility to wear them with wool than not.I'll also say, for any one else who is new to nice things and wants the input of a fellow rookie, that a shoe tree makes a big difference with these. I didn't get a set until I had these for a couple weeks, but they do a lot to return the shoe to it's original shape. After the...
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