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And while I'm here, Does anyone know whether their no-return policy on sale items is the same for deadstock/seconds? The page only explicitly says no return on sale items. Sent an e-mail about a week ago; never heard back.
Any or all have advice about shrinking these without tub access? I have a standup shower, but I'm looking to get maximum shrinkage. Should I wait until I get a tub I can fill up with hot water and let them sit for a few hours, or will these shrink appropriately with what a shower can provide? Thanks much
I use a longish bolt snap. Looks ever-so-slightly more refined in my eye, than a carabiner. And a bit easier to find. http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R-100165580/h_d2/ProductDisplay?catalogId=10053&langId=-1&keyword=bolt+snap&storeId=10051
A mention of Merino Socks came up. I'll say that I wear wigwam wool socks 80% of the time i wear socks. Pretty much I'm either sockless or woolsocked, unless I'm wearing dress shoes. http://www.wigwam.com/ 9$ a pair. Made in the USA. And makes SmartWool look like a pile of hot garbage. Which it is, after about ten wears. Speaking of cheap and indispensable wool products: http://www.soldiercity.com/navy-issue-wool-watch-cap.html Navy Issue Wool Hat. In Navy.
Hi Class Act, I too have done a whole bit of research, and still struggled to pull the trigger. I have no experience with anything I'm about to share, but figured I'd pass on the research I've done to you. Tellason recently released the Gustave Fit, which they bill as having wider legs and a narrow taper. The heavier denim they offer is particularly dark. Left Field's Greaser measures as having wide thighs and a taper. I believe these target a bit of the "workwear"...
That's the one--the basic indigo cone mills denim.
I've read that Left Field denim is a bit of departure from normal, but I'm trying to gauge by just how much. Is it a bad place to start for a first pair of raw jeans? Or is just slightly different then what I'd get elsewhere? I've been eyeing the greaser.
Seems I read a lot about the thigh-waist disproportion in the Mellor, and right now it's the only thing keeping me from buying a pair. Does anyone else have experience with this? Is this something unique to the older models?
Any one with new feedback on this brand? They seem to best fit my need for a no-frills all-american jean. Also Does any one have fit-analogies for these? For example: I am 31 in the J Crew Urban Slims. I cannot comfortably wear a 30. I wear a 32 in Levis STF, which should now be about a 31. They're a bit roomy. I was thinking a 30 in these, what with denim stretching.
I too am looking for my first pair of raws.To add from my search, some models from Tellason run a bit wider--I believe the Ankara is a straight leg with a roomier thigh. If price is an issue, Levi's has a sale that ends today; I got a pair of USA made 501 for $125 with free shipping. The construction has a lot of the features advertised on other brands--selvage coin pocket, single-fell inseam, chain-stitched hem, single-needle waistband. the pocket bags are nice heavy...
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