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I believe I was #250. It said 249, and then I voted. So that makes me 250? I dunno how to go about all this. But at any rate, hey, I think you've now got what you need. Congratulations!
Have they had a sale-on-sale since they launched the web store, and should I be confident that they'll have one? I'm about to buy a cashmere cardigan for 90, but I'll hold if anyone here can say I can get it for sixty or seventy. Seems to the time of year for any sale sale to happen, if it would.
The Kinks.
Anyone have recommendations for online Army Navy stores? Here's my occasional contribution to this thread: http://shop.rothco.com/products/productdetail/MILITARY+COLOR+WEB+BELTS/part_number=4177/573. $4.50 web belts. They've got a time and a place, no? Add a dollar if you need one 64 inches long.
These are still available, tags included!
Here is what I got:Waist: 32.5Front Rise: 11Back Rise: 14.5Thigh: 10.75Knee: 8.25Leg Opening: 7.75
These are still available!
1 Pair Left Field Slim Straight Cone Mills Selvedge Jeans. Picked them up new at Hickoree's; retail is $175. Worn for a total of about 2 hours, never out of my house. Soaked once in a belief they would shrink a bit. I was wrong and now I've got jeans that don't fit. Make me an offer! Paypal only, please. Measurements per the Hickoree's Web Site: Waist: 32 Inseam: 35 Front Rise: 11 Leg Opening: 7.5 Upper Thigh: 10.5
Thanks. The small concern was whether having them bent or curled in anyway would affect indigo loss. Didn't think it would be a problem, glad to have that confirmed.
I'm so tempted to just list things I see on Well-Spent. So instead, I'll suggest that everyone who doesn't already go read well-spent Most of what's listed would be considered unaffordable by the standard we're trying to set in this thread, but it's great for recommendations on well-crafted and attainable items. And as I think this thread has more or less nailed down where to find quality affordable basics, I'd love to see more items that fit closer to the other...
New Posts  All Forums: