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I just picked up pair #1000 from my local Orvis outlet. Very clearly a returned item, showing some wear on the sole and upper, but nevertheless a steal. They were, accidentally I imagine, priced as a returned standard 1000 mile boot. I paid 200$ for them. I have enjoyed them for the hour or so I've worn them around the house, but I'm still on the fence about whether to keep or flip or return--I don't need them for any reason. That said, if you're looking for pair I...
Heartbreaking! Pistachio over-dye will have to wait. I just like to think others are more deserving than I...
Glad to help. Congrats again!
I believe I was #250. It said 249, and then I voted. So that makes me 250? I dunno how to go about all this. But at any rate, hey, I think you've now got what you need. Congratulations!
Did not mean to suggest it! Only meant to express a general concern.Speaking broadly:The rather oddly executed ousting of the UVA president to exhibits why I have broader concern about the state of higher education. While the whole situation there is still a bit muddy, what I've read has only heightened my concern about the lets-run-everything-as-a-business-/-every-institution-needs-a-CEO mentality that;s taking hold in education.
Have they had a sale-on-sale since they launched the web store, and should I be confident that they'll have one? I'm about to buy a cashmere cardigan for 90, but I'll hold if anyone here can say I can get it for sixty or seventy. Seems to the time of year for any sale sale to happen, if it would.
Well hey, thanks for the reply! It's thorough and appreciated. As for different costs, I wasn't suggesting incentives so much as more accuracy. But if my assumption is wrong and it's a net loss, then to heck with that.That said, I'd like to keep the humanities around however that might get done. Suggestions welcome. My in-state public university English degree turned out to be a great investment, but I know that's not the case for many.
I did my best to peruse this thread. I apologize if this was brought up, and I apologize if my thinking is unsound. But I feel strongly about the following: I believe part of the problem is charging a similar price for dissimilar plans of study. A student in the sciences who makes weekly use of millions of dollar's worth of equipment, or a business students whose professors make over 300k annually to compete with executive positions they could otherwise hold, should pay...
The Kinks.
Anyone have recommendations for online Army Navy stores? Here's my occasional contribution to this thread: http://shop.rothco.com/products/productdetail/MILITARY+COLOR+WEB+BELTS/part_number=4177/573. $4.50 web belts. They've got a time and a place, no? Add a dollar if you need one 64 inches long.
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