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NWOT Rugby Newbury Jacket Grey Herringbone Tweed 38R. Partial Cotton Lining. Surgeon Cuffs. See photos and PM me with questions and offers. 200$ Shipped CONUS.
Nope. Made in China. 100% wool and partially lined. Warm!
Picked these up during the firesale. Fit doesn't work for me. Tried on, never worn. Would be willing to trade for a 33 in navy or tan predator cut. Otherwise I'm just looking to get my money back.
Wolf vs Goat Pistachio Overdye After Dinner Oxford. Picked up during the firesale. Tried on, sorta fits, but I've decided it doesn't fit well enough to keep. Never worn. Just looking to get my money back. Price includes shipping CONUS.
This certainly doesn't require 100m, just some time. Regardless, this seems like a neat place for feedback. Does editorial consulting for small business have any legs? Most successful people can write well enough to not embarrass themselves, but what writing I see could still use a lot of work and has awful style. So I would charge hours for revising any important non-legal documents--letters to investors, for example, or, as I've been doing a bit of, business proposals...
Can anyone speak to the fit of the Unionmade x Goldenbear jackets? The measurements say a small goes 19 inches pit-to-pit, but the diagram seems to suggest that's measured from the armpit of the wearer, not from the seam between body and sleeve as I'm accustomed to interpreting such measurements. 19 inches pit to pit to me seems slim for a jacket; I'm trying to determine whether I should size up. Thanks. Here's a link for those curious:...
MyHabit sent me an e-mail advertising "Gitman Blue," then showing photos of shirts that I've seen labeled as GBV. Does anyone have an idea what that's about?
Hey there, There is a "things I'm selling on ebay thread" somewhere in this forum, and also a separate buying and selling forum elsewhere on the site. Check 'em out! I believe that they are more appropriate and also more effective places to share your listing.
Wild right? They're trying to get in on the made in America bandwagon but for a lack of manufacturing presence just carry other brands. They carry a lot of Barbour too, and their footwear selection is good for Wolverines or Eastland Made in Maine. I'm hoping to come across one of these at discount some day:
Visited an Orvis outlet, as they tend to carry a few brands I like. Walked out with 3 pairs of LVC Raw Denim in 34-34 and a pair of The Stronghold Herringbone Jeans in a 32. Two of the LVCs I've identified as 1966. The others I'm not sure, but I gave them to my brother. They have green herringbone pocketbags, if that helps. All were new but without original tags, just the Orvis one. I paid 29.99 each. Not amazing, but pretty good. Orvis! They have some great shoes at the...
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