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In my experience, J Crew generally runs smaller than L L Bean. I've no experience with Lands End, though their Canvas line supposedly runs slimmer. Same goes for L L Bean's Signature line. A small at J Crew fits me well enough, but nothing sold on the L L Bean regular line fits me in any reasonable way. In addition to being quite wide, L L Bean shirts run long. I've also begun to notice a fair bit of variation within a given size range of J Crew shirts.
Was thinking grey? Would go with jeans or shorts no? Or just look a lil silly? Or maybe a lil silly but not too silly?
I'll be a teacher in the fall, and I want to invest in a nice pair of shoes to replace the Rockports that got me through being a student. My question: Does being on my feet all day on a hard tile surface while not likely wearing a suit make investing in a fine pair of dress shoes impractical? Will I be replacing my soles too frequently? Will the relative lack of comfort be magnified by standing? Will a nice pair of shoes seem out of place when I'm not likely to dress...
"Do the polo "custom fit" shirts have that dang horse logo " Most at Marshalls for 35$ do have the horse, and they are mostly oxford buttondowns with the pony. That said, in my experience there are occasionally custom fit dressed shirts mixed in, either inappropriately marked at 35$ or at 60, as they retail for more than the logoed ones. DKNY, among Macy's brands, is perhaps the slimmest, if that's something to consider. I'll put my hat in for Nordstrom brand...
I'll put a vote in for ebay...? Or maybe that's obvious? I guess it depends on your resources, but if you're 19 and employed part-time am I wrong to presume you still live with your parents? Anything around the house they don't feel like keeping? Can be a bit of work but once you get into a rhythm a lot of things end up having value. I've made a few hundred in the last month selling my mom and dad's old clothes and shoes, and none of it has been anything of remarkable...
To the best of my knowledge, the workshop is part of their apartment which might explain the rat-arsedness early in the morning before the shop is open. As for the trip to Nicaragua, it appears they're going to give away jeans to local farmers and see how they hold up. Which I guess is a neat experiment? I suppose this is just a bit of provincialism on my part, but I'll stick up for Hartford how I can.
Yikes that earlier post was rife with errors. Hartford County. If Hartford was a country it would have been abandoned or colonized by now. But while it's got a post, and aside from the use of out-of-circulation coinage on the fly, do these in any way look worth the money? I have no eye for that kind of evaluation.
As a Hartford Country resident, I'll say the buzz has been growing a bit what from the local internet. They're out of my price range at the moment, but if I ever more on from Levi's it will be to them, if only because, hey, support your local denim company. They've a site: if you really wanna hear about it.
"vintage-inspired" "rugged" ". . . modeled after the _____ traditionally worn by _____ as they _____."
Then you should be fine. And a few computer science classes will probably get you far. There are a lot more internet editing jobs than print, and if you can put "proficient in HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP" or something along those lines, you'll have a bit of a leg up.
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