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Can anyone comment on the sizing of the polo's? The measurements online seem a bit suspect; small and medium have the same shoulder measurements, which seems unlikely to me, so I'm asking. Keen on the chambray collar and the printed placket. Thanks all.
Whoops. Meant to send PM.
Folks: I recently purchased both a standard fit rigid trucker jacket in brown and a Filson black trucker. The Levis trucker is significantly bigger than the Filson one, so I'm planning to exchange for a medium. My question, though, is whether anyone has found this to be the case. Is it possible that my rigid trucker is sized larger to allow for shrinkage when washed, down to the size of the Filson one, or are the Filson ones just differently sized? My experience...
Apologies if this business is in the wrong place, but I thought I'd mention that I have a navy Eisenhower Bomber in small that I picked up off B & S and promptly put back on B & S what for the fit doesn't work for me; a bit too slim in the sleeves. If anyone with a medium is looking to size down I'm happy to do an even trade. It's the first epaulet piece I've owned, and is well understood, it's a little piece of magic.
If anyone picked up the Red LVC Cardigan in small and changes his mind do please send me a PM.
I slept on buying the red chambray from Indigo & Cotton when it was on sale this week. New to the post-j.crew shirting life, so a few questions: Does this shirt get re-released every year? Seems like a staple. Can I expect this shirt to eventually go on sale elsewhere or should I just buck up and buy it retail? I'm a small. Thanks folks.
For sale is an epaulet Eisenhower jacket in small. The jacket is nearly new, though has been through a few hands, all of whom agreed that the jacket was too small on them, including myself. Tried it on and put it back in the packaging and will ship it off to you. Here's the epaulet listing, including measurements. Anyway, 215 shipped CONUS. PM me with questions. Have a similar jacket that you're looking to unload? I might be up for a trade.
Ahahahaha. No need to assuage me. I still think that if you need a cheapish tweed you could do a lot worse.
Well this will help the sale! Asking 200 and available here: http://www.styleforum.net/t/334470/nwot-rugby-newbury-jacket-grey-herringbone-tweed-38r
NWT RRL Medium Lightweight Cotton Polo in Black. Thin woven fabric. 4 button placket. Nacreous buttons. PM me with questions and offers!
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