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Closet Cleaning. $20 shipped each. All are size small. J. Crew are "Secret Wash"; Steven Alan is "Reverse Seam." Paypa / CONUS shipping. Green J Crew: 19.75" p2p Grey J Crew: 19.75" p2p Yellow Steven Alan: 18" p2p
Thanks for the tip about belts; I never give them much thought because so many are so cheap. I'll them a more thorough look next time I'm thrifting. I'm wary of tee shirts. Anything in specific to look for or should I stay away?
It's more of a booth; a store within a store, if that makes sense. I'm going to be stocking it with vintage/pre-owned mens clothing with an emphasis on American-made goods (Surprise!) Anyway, I'm wondering if folks have suggestions for things they'd be excited to find besides vintage Navy pea coats, capital E levis, made-in-USA Pendleton, and the like. I'll of course stock them when I find them, which is not often. Right now I'm trying to do a good business in versatile...
2 Pairs of Crockett and Jones for Tom James black cap toes in 9.5 E "Clipston" Black Captoes. 9.5 E "Barton" Bench Made Medallion Captoes. 9.5 E PM me on eBay if you're interested in buying both. Happy to talk a deal!
I have five two pairs of BNWT Tellason John Graham Mellor 12.5oz Jeans for sale in sizes 32, 34, 36, 38, and 38. All have a 36 inch inseam (not graduated, as I've heard tell would be the case). $160 $110 includes shipping and fees. $200 gets you both pairs. 32 34 36 38 38 Please PM me with questions.
Hey there, Would you mind sharing your personal measurements? I too am a 36/38 depending on the brand. I'm 5'8" / 150; wear a 36 most of the time. Also, does it have working button holes? Probably will need the sleeves shortened... Thanks.
Hey there, Measurements? I'm a small in most brands but I head BoO runs little. Thanks!
Can anyone comment on the sizing of the polo's? The measurements online seem a bit suspect; small and medium have the same shoulder measurements, which seems unlikely to me, so I'm asking. Keen on the chambray collar and the printed placket. Thanks all.
Whoops. Meant to send PM.
Folks: I recently purchased both a standard fit rigid trucker jacket in brown and a Filson black trucker. The Levis trucker is significantly bigger than the Filson one, so I'm planning to exchange for a medium. My question, though, is whether anyone has found this to be the case. Is it possible that my rigid trucker is sized larger to allow for shrinkage when washed, down to the size of the Filson one, or are the Filson ones just differently sized? My experience...
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